Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Christina

On 1-11-11 at almost 1:11pm my baby girl gave her first scream in this world.  Her birth was just like her big brother’s birth experience except tears of fear ran down my cheek instead of tears of joy.  You see my girl had been diagnosed with the possibly of an extra chromosome.  

But…when Dr. Ashby pulled her out from my open stomach and she let out her that first scream nothing else mattered.  She could have had three eyes and twelve toes – I was her Momma  and she was my baby.  The magic that God does when He knits that baby together in the womb is truly one of the greatest miracles – life is truly a miracle.  She was perfect.  All ten fingers and toes, a perfect button nose, and got the nickname “Little Bit” immediately.   Her big brother weighed 10lbs 11oz, Little Bit weighted 9lbs 11oz…she was a “little bit” smaller than Bubby.  She was a little jaundice when she came home so she got to sun bathe every afternoon.IMG_7305Bubby was really unsure about this baby girl called sister and was shy at the hospital.  But the day we brought her home Bubby immediately went to his train set and got Lady a tiny pink train to give to her.  It was a sweet family moment.IMG_7435John fell head over heels in love with his sister.  It was really precious.  I told The Lord I wanted these two close as brothers and to always have each others back and they do.babies I bonded quickly to my smallest hare.  I went around the first three months telling everybody “I was in love with a girl!”babiesIt took Randy a few months to connect with her but when his eyes finally met her eyes it was love.  I was able to catch this precious moment.IMG_7940

IMG_8328My Mom (God rest her soul) was so mad that I named her Christina Berenice.  Mom thought her name should have been Mary-Katherine!  But I didn’t like the name Mary Hare…plus there was no “family history” of Mary and Mary means bitter.  Then there was this discussion between me and Randy…if I we ever had a baby after John Randall (which I picked) Randy would get to name the second one.  We had a hard time.  Then one afternoon Randy said “Christina Berenice”.  Chris – after his sister Christi, Tina – after me, and Berenice after his late Mother.  IMG_7444With tears streaming down his cheek he said he wanted to name after the three most important women in his life his mother, his sister, and his wife.  So how could I argue this?!?  And I loved it.  It didn’t take long for My Mom to fall in love with her first Grand-Daughter.  She sort of got over the name but she would tell everyone that Christina’s blue eyes were her blue eyes!  My Dad…well – he just didn’t want anything to do with her! IMG_7930 Seriously…   He would not hold her or pay her any attention.  I finally asked Dad – “what was going on?”  And he said “he didn’t want John to be jealous!”  I told him that would not work…he had to love Christina as much as he loved John.  And…he did.

As Randy and I talked about out favorite Christina moments so far we had about 4,908,000 memories but our most favorite  was when Randy brought her to see me after my surgery in 2013.  We were in Dallas 4 weeks without seeing our little hares.  Randy would Facetime with them almost everyday but when we got back Christina was actually scared of Randy and it took her several minutes to “warm” up to him.  Randy had great trepidation bring her to see me at the hospital in fear she would have the same reaction to me as she had to him.  I was in rehab and had no IV’s or any other medical machines attached to me.  It had been over 45 days since I had seen my babies…I was in pain to actually see them.  So Randy brought them.  John ran in the room hugged and kissed me and was amazed by the room but Christina….she looked at me laying in that hospital bed and said…”MOMMY”.  It was a long MMMOOOMMMYYYYYY.  As if she was asking me where have you been, I have been looking for you, and she couldn’t get to me fast enough.  She crawled on the bed and laid across my chest for the best 16 minutes of my life.IMG_4568She is my spit-fire.  She is a spirited little girl!  If you know her…you love her.  She is funny and cracks John up almost everyday.iphone 013My best friend’s Mother told me once that “her son was her pride and joy but her heart ached for her daughter’.”  And I could not agree more!



iphone 003


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It makes me sad that my baby is growing up.  She would gladly be my baby again.  I ask her all the time if I can put a diaper on her, give her a bottle of milk, and rock her to sleep and she says YES – MOMMY I will always be your baby!!

So…I love you forever…I like you for always…as long as am living my baby you’ll be.

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