Sunday, September 7, 2014

Craziness and Routine…Part One

The past three weeks have been a Crazy Busy Routine Starting Partying having good time…most of the time there has been a little a drama of course!

I am going to start with….

My tiny dancer

Stina  Christina, as most of you know has changed her name, is a typical busy three-year old.  She is all about Mickey the Mouse but she is starting to play more with dolls and her dollhouses – YEA!  She was 100% potty trained but she has back tracked a little.  I am not worried.  I keeping telling Ashley to have hope – she’ll get there! 

Stina is taking ballet lessons.  I don’t think there is a chance she will be in the Nutcracker anytime soon and I am not sure dance is her thing.  Although she seemed to really like it and she has a friend in the class.  Stay tuned…we will see.iphone 093

iphone 095

iphone 101

iphone 105

iphone 104


Ashley  Yes…I am blogging about my Nanny because she is such important part of my family.  I worry about her, nag her, advise her, and love her as if she was one of my little hares!  (Goodness knows I am older enough to be her Momma…but we won’t go there.)  photo_1 (8)Ashley is doing really good taking several hours of college online working towards a nursing degree.  We would be lost without her.  Not sure how much longer she will be with us full-time but I know she will always be apart of my family.  John and Stina love her so much too.  Why am I thankful for my aneurysm?  Cause…I am not sure I would have ever let my guard down and let someone come in my house and help me & my family as Ashley has.  I thank God for her everyday.

ME!  I am doing better everyday.  I have some little stuff going on but I refuse to talk about… much less blog about it and “give it life”.    I will say the book Overwhelmed has helped me greatly.300x300xPNoverwhelmed-300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gEPcDjbD1h   If you are overwhelmed go buy this book!  Better yet tell me and I will buy it for you and pray for you!  The author is this crazy Pastor Perry Noble from South Carolina.  It is funny but it has great wisdom from The Lord and His Word.

My best friend of 35+ years Christin has been planning on coming to see me for over a year.  1978(She lives in Scottsdale)  We have planned on her coming several times but I cancel every time..issues.  Anyway, I wrote her a long letter explaining what was going on with me and she complete understood.  Long story made short - I am not the best person to be around right now.  So what did Christin do?!?!  iphone 002She had a custom pearl light bulb charm made just for me – to cheer me up!  When we were little and we signed names I would always draw a light bulb and she would draw a beaver tail.  (Our maiden names were Light and Beaver)  She also surprised me several other gifts over the three weeks.  We have had our ups and downs like all friendships but she is so special to me and I cherish her love.

Now on to FOOTBALL!  I am so happy the season has started!  My team Texas TechTexas….Baylor….wait for it….WVU! 

The opening game was against #2 ALABAMA!  Are you kidding me?!?!  Yes…I wanted to start drinking when I found out but…what do you do.  My team lost.  Boo…  But they fought a good fight 

Stina was excited!

iphone 057

Here’s WVU coach with 5 minutes left in the game.  I think he was munching on a fruit roll-up wondering what play to call.iphone 059

And now…the look of defeat.  But it was #2 Alabama!!  WVU has a new rookie quarterback – come on coach!  Lighten up!!

iphone 060

On a positive note…Yesterday WVU creamed some team  named Towson 54-0.   YEA!  I think it was a high school team maybe junior high?!?

Hope you have a blessed week!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers

I can’t imagine where Joan Rivers is at right now.  Could she be in heaven?  Or is she in hell or some form of hell?  She claimed to be Jewish but…well she was Joan Rivers.joan-rivers-thatgrapejuice 

I followed my Mothers lead in disdaining Ms. Rivers. 

Gertie had nothing good to say about her; she was vain, very - VERY vulgar, profane, obnoxious and very offensive. 


I am going to confess and repent to you my dirty little secret.

I loved Fashion Police.

Even though she could make a sailor blush she was funny.  I loved how she constantly made fun of Hollywood harlots…and herself.  Each week there was something new that would crack me up plus I love fashion.  Yes…this coming from a girl dressed in a new blouse, capri pants and flip-flops from Wal-Mart.  I don’t know jack about fashion and such…I just like pretty clothes.

I did buy her latest book.  Read the the first 3 pages and threw it away…bad…bad…bad.

And I don’t find it ironic that her death came from complications from vocal chord surgery.

Peace be with her.  God bless her daughter, Grandson, and puppy dogs.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Miss you…

My Mother was heading for a very painful and lengthy death.  Her Mother and two of her sisters died a very painful and ugly death from Alzheimer's.  Mom was in the early stages and I could see it.  I am thankful she didn’t suffer this, it was one of her great fears.

I have been thinking of this day for weeks.  It’s half a year she has been gone.  Dad is still confused.  He told a doctor the other day she died last month, he was shocked when I corrected him.  And he questioned me about it when we got to the truck.  He loved her.  He never spoke one ill word of her.  I was alone with him one time several years ago and told him that I could not stand the way she treated him..and did he ever stand up for himself?!?  HE got MAD at me!  HE said that’s my girl – don’t you talk about her.  He was right…she was his girl before she was my Mother.

As I look back The Lord was preparing me for this time.  Several years ago my brother told me “you and Mom don’t have a normal relationship!”  She was my best friend.  She was my very best friend especially as I got older.  We would talk on the phone several times a day, play lottery tickets together, shop, eat at Olive Garden,  and have fun girl trips (till she got sick).  That’s the Mom I miss.  I miss my Mom that adored my hares.  I miss her humor.  I miss her telling me the same story over and over and over.

After my aneurysm the phone calls stopped.  She wouldn’t call me because she was scared she would wake me up.  I wouldn’t call her because I wouldn’t remember too.  The Lord started pulling us parting. to make it easier on me for the day he would take her home.

I miss my Mom.

If there was anyone on this earth that truly loved me and always had my back and my best interest at heart it was my Gertie.  and now she is gone.

I want so badly



just one more time…

to hear her say “oh Tina, it will be alright we’ll get through this!”

I love you Gertie.  I pray that today you are with Max, Richard, Clinton, Thelma, Mag and your beloved Aunt Helen.  That celebrations never stop.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

I would like to be the first person to introduced the latest members of 4-H Clover Kids….drum roll please!  John, Taylor, and Paul.

Round of applause not necessary.Be right back

Tina…what is 4-H Clover Kids?

Glad you asked.

Clover Kids is a 4-H program for children ages 5-to 7- years old. Children participate in hands-on activities designed to build lots of different life skills

The most important life skills for the 5- to 7-year-old age group are:

• Respecting Self
• Communicating
• Solving Problems
• Thinking Critically
• Choosing Healthy Lifestyles

    What do Clover Kids do?

• Explore science with simple science experiments
• Practice communication skills
• Strengthen motor skills through arts and crafts
• Make friends and learn to work with peers
• And much more!

And learn all about horses.

iphone 111

iphone 117

iphone 126

iphone 128

iphone 133

iphone 132

iphone 135

Looks like John is getting a new pair of boots for his birthday and maybe a cowboy hat.

Lots of fun in our future.  Our school year is taking shape.  The classroom is organized and the first week of school is planned. I have set-up tours of the bank, a TV station, and the Quarter Horse Museum for our little group over the next month.  We have a “meet the teacher night” next week for our co-op.  John starts gymnastics next week, Christina has dance on Thursdays.  And PaPa has VA visits almost every Tuesday.   And I joined a gym that I attend four days a week.  Hoch…and John’s birthday next week.

Too Much?  Overwhelming?

Not at all.  I am not Overwhelmed  because of new wisdom and knowledge I have received in this book by Pastor Perry Noble.  300x300xPNoverwhelmed-300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gEPcDjbD1hI HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has worry, depression , or anxiety….or just overwhelmed!  Pastor Noble helps through scriptures put everything back into perspective.  I have not felt this good since…in a long time.  

{Side note: he does have cRaZy eyes.  I also purchased the Bible study along with the book and his eyes are un-blink-able. A litttttle distributing but he is funny }  And the book and study are AMAZING!

I hope and pray all is well where you are.

Thanks for stopping by!


It’s Tuesday…so off to the VA we go!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why I Love Homeschool!


#10.  No need to buy a bunch of new clothes.  No dress code!  Although John does have to wear “day-time” clothes and not pajamas.  Very seldom do we have school in pjs although there may be a snow day or two that calls for warm jammies & hot cocoa.

#9.  No worries about bullies. Except his sister.  Just kidding that precious little hare couldn’t bully a fly..okay she is a little determined but not a bully.

#8.  No worries about  gun violence in the classroom.  A few water gun fights may spontaneously happen but no one get hurts.

#7.    Our time!  Whoo-Hoo!  We don’t have to get up at an early hour and we can set our own schedule.  I have everything planned so that we can have the entire month of December off.

#6.  It’s fun to watch John learn.  To see the little wheels in motion and then when he finally “gets it” …that is priceless.iphone 048

#5.  We make Bible lessons and Bible study a #1 priority.  John knows more about The Lord, the Bible, and Scriptures then I did at 35.  I love that he loves it and wants to learn more.

#4.  John learns at his speed.  If he doesn’t understand something we spend time on it and we don’t have to rush to the next subject.  We can think outside the box…even if it means taking the lesson outside or to a library.

#3.  Quality of friends.  I know all of John’s friends and their parents.  Thankfully these folks have the same ideas, values and beliefs as we do.

#2.  I get to see my son everyday.  I get to spend quality time with my son everyday.  If I would have died last summer I would have died knowing I didn’t miss a thing.  I am so thankful for that.

#1.  Randy and I get to determine what John learns and when he learns it. 

Anytime I talk about homeschooling I always want to include a disclaimer.    Homeschooling is NOT for everyone and I don’t think everyone SHOULD homeschool.  I have nothing against public or private schools - I believe there is a need for both.  Homeschooling  happens to work for our family.  It is hard work.  I don’t take John’s or Christina’s education lightly, it is a huge responsibility and I am so thankful I have this opportunity.

Watch for 2nd grade photos coming soon!!

Friday, August 1, 2014


My parents were all about the family vacation each summer and creating memories for me.   My standard answer to Randy when he asks what I want for my birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, my answer is always a family trip.  I don’t care if it’s to Canyon, Texas and we stay in a hotel for a few days.  I want and desire to make memories for my little hares.  Some of my most favorite memories are my family vacations.

The summer of 1986 I was 14 and my folks decided we would NOT go to West Virginia for our usual vacation…instead we would meet some of our WV family in Florida for the Disney World experience.  Not only was that different but my baby brother Larry decided to tag along…he was probably about 28.  He was excited to see our cousin Sandy..she was around the same age and they were close, plus it was DISNEY WORLD!me & LarryWe had a wonderful trip.  We got to eat breakfast with Mickey Mouse on a steamboat.  Sandy pulled a great prank on Larry.  Lots of great memories and laughs.  I will never forget my Dad saying “he lost 40 years of his life and felt like a kid again”..he was 54.  Great times. Mom and Dad