Friday, February 13, 2015

Top Ten

Last night three of my closest friends and I had a Mommy’s Night Out.  What a fun time we had…even if I was the oldest in our group??!  We laughed, learned new stuff about each other, giggled, ate great Mexican food, sang some Steve Miller songs, had a few beers, shared lots of teen-age girl moments and had one  two large Mojitos. iphone 032 I had forgot how good “girlfriend bonding” could be.  At the end of the night we already planned our next fun time…mail your check today Melody!

As the conversation turned from “none of us read that 50 shades of whatever, the pain of losing parents, moving to Wyoming instead of Hawaii (thanks US government!), what are you doing for Valentines, and why can’t my child just SIT in a seat, I then asked them what was their top ten moments in life.


Silly girls…the elbow to somebody’s deserving nose was not what I was looking for but you know what – he deserved it – so put it on your Top Ten list! 

At the age of almost 43 here is my Top Ten Moments!

#10.  In the fall of 1990 my oldest brother had to go to Corpus Christi on business and took me with him.  I was 18, just graduated high school, and starting college.  It was the best trip.  Allen bought me lots of clothes (including a London Fog trench coat that I still refuse to get rid of!), he introduced me for the first time to a place called Olive Garden, taught me what an ATM was, and showed me how to correctly eat a raw oyster.  Wonderful trip.

#9.  DisneyWorld.  I was 14 but it was still magical and a ton of fun.  Great memories!

#8.  January 1989 my brother Larry bought me and three of my closest friends tickets to see Bon Jovi in Dallas…then took us!  We got to skip school and had a great time!

#7.  My work at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Especially when a client was 100% abortion minded until she seen the sonogram of her child growing in her womb.  Best.

#6.  My parents bought me a new car.

#5.  A very spontaneous trip to Dallas to see the Eagles in concert with Christin July 3, 1994 in Dallas.

#4.  The birth of both my little hares.

#3.  The day Randy asked me to marry him.

#2.   The events of 2013.

#1.  Coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and making Him my Savior and King in my life.

So I challenge YOU to think, pray and remember your Top Ten Moments.  Not the Top Ten Saddest, or Embarrassing, or Regrets – favorite memories!!

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Mookie 59 said...

I loved your top ten picks..God bless you,sister -in-law!!! Kevin