Thursday, September 4, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers

I can’t imagine where Joan Rivers is at right now.  Could she be in heaven?  Or is she in hell or some form of hell?  She claimed to be Jewish but…well she was Joan Rivers.joan-rivers-thatgrapejuice 

I followed my Mothers lead in disdaining Ms. Rivers. 

Gertie had nothing good to say about her; she was vain, very - VERY vulgar, profane, obnoxious and very offensive. 


I am going to confess and repent to you my dirty little secret.

I loved Fashion Police.

Even though she could make a sailor blush she was funny.  I loved how she constantly made fun of Hollywood harlots…and herself.  Each week there was something new that would crack me up plus I love fashion.  Yes…this coming from a girl dressed in a new blouse, capri pants and flip-flops from Wal-Mart.  I don’t know jack about fashion and such…I just like pretty clothes.

I did buy her latest book.  Read the the first 3 pages and threw it away…bad…bad…bad.

And I don’t find it ironic that her death came from complications from vocal chord surgery.

Peace be with her.  God bless her daughter, Grandson, and puppy dogs.

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