Sunday, September 7, 2014

Craziness and Routine…Part One

The past three weeks have been a Crazy Busy Routine Starting Partying having good time…most of the time there has been a little a drama of course!

I am going to start with….

My tiny dancer

Stina  Christina, as most of you know has changed her name, is a typical busy three-year old.  She is all about Mickey the Mouse but she is starting to play more with dolls and her dollhouses – YEA!  She was 100% potty trained but she has back tracked a little.  I am not worried.  I keeping telling Ashley to have hope – she’ll get there! 

Stina is taking ballet lessons.  I don’t think there is a chance she will be in the Nutcracker anytime soon and I am not sure dance is her thing.  Although she seemed to really like it and she has a friend in the class.  Stay tuned…we will see.iphone 093

iphone 095

iphone 101

iphone 105

iphone 104


Ashley  Yes…I am blogging about my Nanny because she is such important part of my family.  I worry about her, nag her, advise her, and love her as if she was one of my little hares!  (Goodness knows I am older enough to be her Momma…but we won’t go there.)  photo_1 (8)Ashley is doing really good taking several hours of college online working towards a nursing degree.  We would be lost without her.  Not sure how much longer she will be with us full-time but I know she will always be apart of my family.  John and Stina love her so much too.  Why am I thankful for my aneurysm?  Cause…I am not sure I would have ever let my guard down and let someone come in my house and help me & my family as Ashley has.  I thank God for her everyday.

ME!  I am doing better everyday.  I have some little stuff going on but I refuse to talk about… much less blog about it and “give it life”.    I will say the book Overwhelmed has helped me greatly.300x300xPNoverwhelmed-300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gEPcDjbD1h   If you are overwhelmed go buy this book!  Better yet tell me and I will buy it for you and pray for you!  The author is this crazy Pastor Perry Noble from South Carolina.  It is funny but it has great wisdom from The Lord and His Word.

My best friend of 35+ years Christin has been planning on coming to see me for over a year.  1978(She lives in Scottsdale)  We have planned on her coming several times but I cancel every time..issues.  Anyway, I wrote her a long letter explaining what was going on with me and she complete understood.  Long story made short - I am not the best person to be around right now.  So what did Christin do?!?!  iphone 002She had a custom pearl light bulb charm made just for me – to cheer me up!  When we were little and we signed names I would always draw a light bulb and she would draw a beaver tail.  (Our maiden names were Light and Beaver)  She also surprised me several other gifts over the three weeks.  We have had our ups and downs like all friendships but she is so special to me and I cherish her love.

Now on to FOOTBALL!  I am so happy the season has started!  My team Texas TechTexas….Baylor….wait for it….WVU! 

The opening game was against #2 ALABAMA!  Are you kidding me?!?!  Yes…I wanted to start drinking when I found out but…what do you do.  My team lost.  Boo…  But they fought a good fight 

Stina was excited!

iphone 057

Here’s WVU coach with 5 minutes left in the game.  I think he was munching on a fruit roll-up wondering what play to call.iphone 059

And now…the look of defeat.  But it was #2 Alabama!!  WVU has a new rookie quarterback – come on coach!  Lighten up!!

iphone 060

On a positive note…Yesterday WVU creamed some team  named Towson 54-0.   YEA!  I think it was a high school team maybe junior high?!?

Hope you have a blessed week!!

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