Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

I would like to be the first person to introduced the latest members of 4-H Clover Kids….drum roll please!  John, Taylor, and Paul.

Round of applause not necessary.Be right back

Tina…what is 4-H Clover Kids?

Glad you asked.

Clover Kids is a 4-H program for children ages 5-to 7- years old. Children participate in hands-on activities designed to build lots of different life skills

The most important life skills for the 5- to 7-year-old age group are:

• Respecting Self
• Communicating
• Solving Problems
• Thinking Critically
• Choosing Healthy Lifestyles

    What do Clover Kids do?

• Explore science with simple science experiments
• Practice communication skills
• Strengthen motor skills through arts and crafts
• Make friends and learn to work with peers
• And much more!

And learn all about horses.

iphone 111

iphone 117

iphone 126

iphone 128

iphone 133

iphone 132

iphone 135

Looks like John is getting a new pair of boots for his birthday and maybe a cowboy hat.

Lots of fun in our future.  Our school year is taking shape.  The classroom is organized and the first week of school is planned. I have set-up tours of the bank, a TV station, and the Quarter Horse Museum for our little group over the next month.  We have a “meet the teacher night” next week for our co-op.  John starts gymnastics next week, Christina has dance on Thursdays.  And PaPa has VA visits almost every Tuesday.   And I joined a gym that I attend four days a week.  Hoch…and John’s birthday next week.

Too Much?  Overwhelming?

Not at all.  I am not Overwhelmed  because of new wisdom and knowledge I have received in this book by Pastor Perry Noble.  300x300xPNoverwhelmed-300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gEPcDjbD1hI HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has worry, depression , or anxiety….or just overwhelmed!  Pastor Noble helps through scriptures put everything back into perspective.  I have not felt this good since…in a long time.  

{Side note: he does have cRaZy eyes.  I also purchased the Bible study along with the book and his eyes are un-blink-able. A litttttle distributing but he is funny }  And the book and study are AMAZING!

I hope and pray all is well where you are.

Thanks for stopping by!


It’s Tuesday…so off to the VA we go!

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