Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Tough Day.

My Daddy called me yesterday at 10 am asking me what I was doing.  (We always call one another every morning just to check in.) Daddy was completely out of breathe and struggling to tell me what was going on.  He told me when I got  to “moving around and dressed to pick him up and take him to the ER at the VA.”  WHAT?!?!  He they proceed to tell me “I am pretty sure I am having a heart attack”.  WHAT?!?  I told to him “Get dressed and be waiting out back - I will be there in 2 minutes!”  I ran to my bedroom, found the first thing on the floor, my baseball hat, and flip-flops all while yelling to Randy what was going on.  On my way to the Dad’s house I called my prayer partner and the VA ER to let them know what was going on so they could be ready. 

The VA staff was ready!  It took no time to get his shirt off, get the nitro under his tongue and plugged him up.  And bless his heart…he was so scared and could not stop crying.  I got him calmed down and held his hand the entire time.IMG_0646  Once things got settled down a bit I said one of the hardest things to my Daddy I had ever spoken to him. “Daddy you don’t have to fight this fight anymore good and faithful servant.  I am releasing you to Momma.  If you wanna go home to be with her we will be alright.  I will take of your little hares and your sons. It’s okay.” He started crying again and I held his hand even tighter.  It was a sad but sweet moment.  He so loved my Mother.  I always knew he did.  He has never said one cross word about her and trust me she gave him lots of ammo but he never spoke bad about his beloved.  He loved her like no other.  And his heart literally aches for her.

So we waited.  Dad has taught we the Army way – “hurry up and wait”.  Dad was snoozing and I was playing on my pad when a very nice lady named Connie came in the room to “mental evaluate” Dad.  Really?!? “ Why is that I asked?”  Connie said the nurse noticed Dad weeping and wanted to make sure he was mentally okay and didn’t need to go to the Pavilion (local nut house).  I told her to evaluate all she wants but his sweetheart died less than 6 months ago and they were together more than 60 years.  He really misses my Momma.  She laughed and said evaluation not needed and gave me some info on grieve support groups for Dad.

So we waited some more.  They did a second round of blood tests and I ran to grab some lunch for myself.  Four hours later the doctor said Dad had a mild heart attack.  There is no more they can do for him except increase his daily nitro patch he wears daily.  We will need to follow-up with the VA cardiologist but he is out for 6 weeks because he had to have heart surgery and they don’t have a replacement, only a fill in doctor for extreme cases.  Go figure…  Dad has been living on borrowed time.  When he had his first heart attack in 2009 they said he would not live 2-3 years are at 5 years now.  Borrowed time my friends.  He is at home resting good.

As if that wasn’t enough I called to check on my sweet Nanny Ashley10420272_771979702824940_262146340751680535_n who has been sick over a week.  She has NOT gone to the doctor because she #1 doesn’t have insurance, and #2 she is a broke college student.  (Remember those days??)  I called and told her to meet me Care Xpress – I would pay for it.  Once you pay the initial $150.00 plus any additional tests you are an established patient there and your visits are only $77.00.  After waiting…and seeing the doctor…and getting her nose swabbed…..Ashley has THE FLU and an upper respiratory infection!  No shots but $170.00 in prescriptions. The first day she comes back to work I am going to introduce her to INSURANCE!  But I don’t want her back anytime soon if you know what I mean.  Get better Nanny-Foo-Foo your little hares miss you.

Ended the day at Wal-Mart.

Then I crashed and had bizarre dreams all night.

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Angela S said...

Oh man I'm sorry! Hey just FYI, I'm sure she needed pricy RX but united offers certain antibiotics free. Just call and ask!