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June 12, 2013

I so desperately want to remember this day and exactly what happened but I believe our Lord has spared me some pain. 

I do remember going to see my Oncologist Dr. Lim and my blood pressure was 160/116 or something like that – off the charts again.  Dr. Lim and his nurse were very concerned about my bp and asked to come back later that afternoon to have it rechecked.  After that appointment I went home to pick up my family for lunch.  I don’t remember lunch or going to Walgreens to pick up my new prescription Dr. Norris had called in on the 11th.  That’s the last thing I remember

This is everything Randy has told me:

Randy said after we got home I took one of the new pills Dr. Norris had prescribed.  It was suppose to relax me and help my raging headache.

I decided to take a bath and relax.  Randy was going to go to the gun range but decided to stay home until I got out of my bath.  About an hour later Randy was washing his hands in the kitchen and wondered why there was no hot water.  About that time John told Daddy that Mommy was making a weird noise in the bathroom.  When Randy came in the bathroom I was in the bathtub upside down, my arm were curled up, my head was moving from side to side, and I was moaning loudly.  I was not coherent all. The spray nozzle was on and hanging down.

The first thing Randy did was turn the water off.  Then he laid hands on me and prayed to the great physician. When he stood up he checked his Spirit and he heard “she will live and not die but be careful of everything you say  - her life is hanging on the tip of your tongue.” Randy called 911 on one phone and his sister Christi on the other phone.

This would be my first encounter with the Lord, not my last but the first time I saw Him in this journey.  Jesus-by-Akiane-Kramarik-768x1024I saw my body in the bathtub and Jesus was holding my hand.  He told me “not to worry I would be okay”. Jesus looked very much like this picture.  His eyes were beautiful and his hair was longer.  He was so bright and almost hard to look at.  I know that it was Jesus there was a stillness and calm that can not be described.  It was like meeting an old friend you knew all your life.  This was and is the most beautiful moment of my life.  No judgment, no fear, just peace, love, and calmness.

Christi gets to the house before the ambulance to take care of my little hares.  Randy said John saw me taken out of the house and the look of fear on his face was indescribable. (Randy doesn’t talk about this moment without crying) Randy reassures John that Mommy will be okay – not to worry.

Randy gets to the ER and my brother-in-law Kevin is already there.  Randy calls my oldest brother Allen in Corpus Christi and tells him his sister is really sick come home now.  Allen texted Randy back and asks “how bad?” all Randy can type is “bad”.  Randy calls my parents and tells them I have had a stroke or something and not to come to the hospital yet.

Dr. Craig was the attending doctor in the ER. He tries to explain to Randy that I have had a subarachnoid hemorrhage and it is bad,  They have called a Neurologist in.  Dr. Cone the Neurologist comes in the room, takes one look at me and then at Randy and tells him “hmp..most people don’t live this long”.  This will be the first time Randy will speak out loud  “I bind and curse those words in Jesus name – she will live and not die”.

At this point I am moved to ICU.  And the prayer warriors start coming.  My brother and his wife drive all night to get here.  Randy said it was standing room only in the ICU waiting room.  You friends and family were gathered together shaking the gates of heaven for me.   My journey was going all over Facebook, texts, call, e-mails and such –Randy says it was amazing.

I will be forever thankful for your prayers.  I will never know how many people prayed for me, fought for me and stood for me when I had no clue what was going on.

Side note: Almost every person I have talked to about aneurysms and researched describe the pain of an aneurysm as the absolute worse headache they have ever had – ever.  The headache I had this day was not my worse headache.  I have had three Hysterical Migraines – those were way worse.  My left side would go completely numb, I could not talk and I looked like I was having a stroke.  Way worse pain than my aneurysm.  Now I know it was most likely my aneurysm slowly bleeding and sealing over.

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