Friday, April 18, 2014

Finally Friday Fhoto–F.F.F.

John’s first Easter.IMG_3551

Actually….John’s second Easter.  When my parents found out that we didn’t celebrate “Easter” it was a huge brouhaha.  It was on the verge of child abuse…how could we not lavish our precious son with a beautiful gift of stuff that has no representation of Christ or what exactly happened on that glorious day – said one very upset Mama..backed up one furious PaPa.

I tried to explain to Mother that we celebrate Passover and the Resurrection.  We feel the baskets, colored eggs, and all other material takes away from the true meaning of the festival.  Well…you feel wrong!  This just nonsense!!



So we let Gertie have the day and it hasn’t hurt nothing.  John knows the truth about Easter and the Resurrection.  He also knows and remembers the love his Gertie had for him.

Good Friday.

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