Friday, March 8, 2013


1st GradeFirst grade was a fun year for me. (top row, 1st on the right) First grade was the first time to have a “real” friend.  Her name was Amanda Good – 2nd row, 2nd from the left.  Amanda now lives in Louisiana, married and has a beautiful young son.  It cracks me up looking at all these little people and seeing where we are today – thanks Facebook.  Now we are all “40 something” working as photographer, teachers, police officers, military officers, Fathers, Mothers, and GRANDPARENTS!  Where has time gone?

I went through school with almost everyone in this picture except the little boy on the 1st row, 1st chair on the left.  I wonder what happened to him?  He was not at our school long.  I remember he got into trouble many times and I felt sorry for him.

A memory that really makes me laugh from First grade was my teacher.  When school started her name was Miss Edgar but during the school year she got married and her name changed to Mrs. Stovall.  I refused to call her by her “new” name…I remember thinking – who changes their last name?  “I am Light and will forever be a Light!”

2nd grade.2nd GradeThat was my most favorite grade of all time.  My most favorite teacher was Mrs. Bish and I loved her so.  She taught me the joy of reading – Boxcar Children.  I wish I could find her today and thank her for all her effort, kindness, and spirit.  This is the year I met my Christin.  She was not in the same class but she protected me from the mean Russ Rosser (class bully) on the playground.t&cXmas1978IMG_0461

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