Thursday, February 28, 2013


I had in mind this one picture I wanted to post but I could not find it?!?!  I hate that when that happens.  However; the reward for me was a trip down Tina-lane.

I love looking at old photos.  I still print almost all my photos of my little hares and have them in shoe boxes…only cause it’s fun to dig through them every now and again.  Randy doesn’t get it…he thinks I am wasting money.

As I was looking over childhood memories all I am filled with is love.  My parents and brothers gave me a very loving childhood. 

I was about 18 months here.scan0001

Between 2 – 4 in these photos.lunchscan0009scan0015scan0003scan0002scan0015scan0006Through the years…georgeHere’s my chicken George.  She lived about 15 years which is amazing for the life of a chicken.  I “boycotted” chicken the entire time she lived.  scan0004When we first moved to “the country” I had to have a garden!scan0007My folks always took me on fun vacations – Opryland!scan0010I didn’t like “the country” at first – Mom said I cried and wanted to go back to the city.  It didn’t take me long to adjust and realized I had lots of room to run and play!scan0008Look at my Momma!  Va-Va-Voom baby!scan0005This was 1993…20 years ago.  How can that be?

As I started looking through all my memories with John by my side he asked if this cute little girl in the pictures could come over and play sometime.  That made me smile…and cry a little.  It brought great joy to see my little hares in myself in some of these picture.


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