Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow. Valentines, B-Day, & Field Trip!

Last week was a crazy week – it involved three doctors appointments, snow day, Valentine’s day, a field trip to the airport, my birthday, and now a sinus infection.  I am so happy next week looks open…sort of.

Monday was a usual day for us.  Christina has gymnastics in the morning and John has swimming lessons in the afternoon with school somewhere in the middle.  I wish I could say Christina loves gymnastics but that’s not the case.  I am not sure if it’s the early class time or the coach trying to tell her what to do.  Needless to say…we left class early this week.  As John and I drove to Canyon for his swim lesson his teachers called me to cancel.  I was actually sort of glad…I had a ton of errands I needed to take care of.

I had three early morning doctor appointments on Tuesday.  I was bummed to leave the house since it was snowing but one appointment was critical and since I was already out I decided to get it done!  Here’s a picture of the beautiful snow from Dr. Usala’s office.  We received around 5 inches.  It was so pretty but it didn’t stick around.iphone 009

On Wednesday my Mom took me and my little hares out to lunch and we went shopping.  She bought me two pairs of blue jeans (much needed!) for my birthday.

John and Christina had a Valentine’s party with some friends on Thursday.  It was so much fun!  They had a craft project, snacks, and lots of play time.  iphone 031

Here’s the treats John passed out.iphone 035iphone 036iphone 033iphone 037iphone 039iphone 038iphone 042iphone 044iphone 047iphone 052

They had a fun craft to create.  One of the Moms brought her salad rinser/spinner gizmo, put a small paper plate in the spinner, added some red, black, and white paint, and then let the children press the spinner.  Pretty Pie could not wait for her turn!  She loved it!  iphone 055iphone 056iphone 057Her plate was actually so cute!  Her plate was the only one that made a heart pattern.  Such a fun idea!iphone 058

John played so good with his baby sister!iphone 059iphone 060iphone 062iphone 067

John made me the sweetest heart for Valentine’s.  He worked over thirty minutes on this project.  It means so much to me because John is not a huge fan of crafts such as coloring, cutting, or gluing.  This made my day.  I actually taped it to my cabinet in the kitchen.  John reminds me constantly if I want to know how much he loves me just look at his heart.iphone 018John and Daddy also bought me “sparkly” roses for Valentine’s Day.  I did feel the love!iphone 019

I scheduled a field trip to the airport for our homeschool group for Friday, February 8th – over 150 parents/students signed up!  So we had to divide up the group into two days – the 8th and the 15th.  We had 82 people on the 8th!  My good friend Carrie and fellow homeschool Mom volunteered to “head up” the group on the 15th but it was some sort of crazy on the 8th that I could not “drop” that on her…so John got to tour the airport twice.  Of course the second time around he really thought he was qualified enough to host the tour himself!iphone 079iphone 094iphone 098iphone 118After the airport/fire station tour Randy met me & the little hares for lunch with some good friends. Once I got my belly full I came home and took a long nap with my little hares snuggled in tight!  I had an excellent birthday.  I got new jeans, charms for my Pandora bracelet, awesome cake pops, a new purse with matching wallet, a pair of my favorite sunglasses, flowers from my brother & sister, and a sweet figurine of a Momma hare with a little boy hare from John.  However….iphone 129My most favorite gift this year was not a material item…it was a gift of character, responsibility, grace, and love.

Earlier in the week my little hares and I met up with some of our homeschool friends for a play date.  During the play time the kids were playing tag and running around like kids do.  Christina was doing her best to keep up and was very excited to be apart of the group.  As the kids were playing John told them “you need to watch out for Christina – she is small and delicate”.  One of the children told John “that baby is not going to play with us!”  And another child agreed.  At that point John sort of stuck his chest out and said “well…that baby is my little sister and if she can’t play – well than I can’t play either!’  John grabbed Christina’s hand and went to play in another area with her.  My heart swelled.  I had to swallow my tears of pride and joy.  I asked the Lord right then to let that be my birthday gift from Him – for my little hares to always love each other, take up for each other, defend each other, and always know the bond they share started the day they came into each other’s life.  It was the sweetest moment.  Thank you Father on Heaven for such a sweet moment.  I will forever cherish it and never forget the day my son took up for my daughter.

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Braxton said...

Goodness! Your week makes tired to even read about. John looks like a 6 or 7 year old! and Christina in that dress at the party is so cute I could eat her up. John is going to be a wonderful big brother. I am sure there will be times that she will find him annoying or smothering but she is going to be so blessed to have him look out for her as she grows up.