Friday, January 18, 2013

My Hair

For the past several months I have been losing my hair.  Not just a little hair  but so much I literally leave a trail.  I am having some other issues too but my main issue was/is my hair.  The curl was gone too.iphone 008For some time I thought about cutting my hair.  Not a drastic cut but shorter and more layers.  In fact I even picked style…iphone 009I know…let’s just forget that it’s Joy Behar.Slide1This was not a rush decision….I have been contemplating this for several weeks.  So -  I finally decided to call my beautician (I have been going to her 7+ years) and see when she had available.  I told myself before I placed the call “if she says I can come right now that is a sign to do it for sure!”  I called and she could see me right then!  Randy was home, both hares were napping – I knew it was time but I told my magician I mean beautician that I would call her right back.  I called Laura for some friend advice - Laura agreed – it was time!  So I called my lady back and told her I was on my way!  Before I left I printed an 8x10 glossy of the above picture so she would know exactly what I wanted.

Well…35 minutes and $17. dollars later I was in complete shock, denial, and disbelief at what I was looking at in the mirror. 

I should add that halfway through the haircut my beautician said “wow – I forgot how much your hair shrinks!”  And she had me turned to the side so I couldn’t see what she was doing.

I have been devastated to say the least.  I have cried more tears in the past 2 weeks than I did ALL last year and everyone close to me is sick of my complaining about my hair.  In fact the other day I was crying to someone about my hair and John overheard me and yelled “MOM – IT’S NOT THAT BAD!”

So here I am the day of the cut:iphone 010Everyone that sees me that has not heard about my new style is in complete shock and says “WOW – you cut your hair!”  And then they tell me they love it, I can pull it off, or it’s spunky like you. 

Randy has been so loving and kind to me.  I know he truly hates it but he keeps telling me it’s cute and it looks good…and its’ NOT that bad!  Randy told me that I could NEVER go back to my beautician – I better find someone new.  I told him that I would not need a hair cut for a year – don’t worry.

I won’t be going back to my beautician this is pretty drastic.  I am not mad at her and she doesn’t know or realize I was so upset.  She didn’t do this on purpose.  I have very very curly hair.  It will go crazy if you cut any major length off of it.

I am trying to be in a better place with my hair.  I had to spend sometime at the cancer treatment center today and I sat next to a 15 year old young lady battling cancer and she had no hair whatsoever.  Who am I to complain?!? 

I learned today that my iron levels were lower than they have ever been (normal range is 30-120 and mine was around –22) and that is why my hair was doing what it was doing AND some other symptoms I have been experiencing.  I took my first infusion today and they have me scheduled for 6-12 more depending on my body’s ability to sustain & build up each infusion. 

Here I am tonight…hairIt will grow back….

Fresh start to a new year…a new healthier year!

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