Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh My Pretty Pie!

She’s 2 today.  What a year of changes 2012 was and the year of changes 2013 will be.  I have changed my mind every month in regards to “this is my favorite stage”…I didn’t realize how fast children change between the ages of 1 and 5.

She is a firework!IMG_0342

She is so sweet.IMG_0381

She loves to run her fingers through her hair…especially when she has food on them!iphone 005

Christina is John’s very best friend.  I now consider John a “match” and Christina is the “gasoline”.  You don’t leave them together alone for extending time…there will be an “event”.030

When deciding new clothes for me or new clothes for her?  She wins every time!iphone 015

She has become a Daddy’s girl!Red heartiphone 008

She doesn’t do “no” very well.  But she does love to praise the Lord and say “Amen”.iphone 069

No one is better than MaMa & Poppa.iphone 087iphone 071

She still has many nicknames.  Little Bird, Little Bear, Poodle, Christina Beana, Christina B, Little Bit, and the most frequent one – Pretty Pie.iphone 001

Have I mentioned the drama and a niche for being a tad dramatic?iphone 029

She’s learning to share.iphone 010

She is very unique and though she be little, she is fierce!iphone 002

She has many faces.IMG_0689 - CopyIMG_0683 - CopyIMG_0685 - CopyIMG_0687 - Copy

And she loves ice cream.iphone 010iphone 012iphone 013iphone 028iphone 038iphone 040Yum!iphone 046iphone 048iphone 053iphone 049

She wants to be included in school.  When we say the Pledge she really tries to say it to…and then ends with AMEN!iphone 040

She is my helper girl.  Laundry, dishes, sweeping – she is right there!iphone 042

She makes me smile everyday!iphone 010

She likes to eat everything from tomatoes, spinach, salad, steaks, chicken, and any type of sweet stuff!iphone 004iphone 013

She loves jewelry.iphone 004

I can’t believe that God would give me a little girl so precious.  A little girl that I didn’t ask for but wanted and desired in the depths of my heart. 

I am thankful.  Everyday of my life I praise our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessings of my little hares.  They are a gift.  Made by Him just for me and Randy – to raise, train, and speak the truth about love, kindness, hope and God. 

I really do take advantage of everyday I have with my little hares.  There is at least an inch of dust all over my house, my floors are sticky & dirty, I always have at least two loads of laundry that need to be done, and correspondence is a month behind.  This precious time is going fast.  I will never have today back and that’s what the Lord gave me – today.  My greatest joy in life are my little hares. 

Today I will celebrate the my Pretty Pie.  Happy Birthday my sweetest girl.  You make my world go round.

I am in love with a girl!

iphone 023

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