Monday, July 23, 2012


I am always surprised when someone from the Panhandle tells me they have not seen TEXAS – the musical drama held in the Palo Duro Canyon.4f887154ecf2bc91d568a954I make it a point each summer to see it at least once.  Not only to support the community but it’s a great play.  When the cowboy rides across the rim of the Canyon carrying our huge Texas flag – well…I cry every time.  I am proud to be a Texan and this play is all about TEXAS!  If I could sing or dance a little I would audition but since I am lacking in that department I am planning on being part of the welcoming committee – someday. One of my dear friends from high school was apart of Texas for several summers in the early nineties – I know the hard work these young dancers commit too.

I have been so excited to take John each year but I knew I had to wait until he was a little older – it’s a good 2.5 hours with an intermission.  

Groupon had a great deal for a couples package a few weeks ago – $35.00 for 2 premium tickets, a backstage tour, and a collectors program. I couldn’t refuse since one ticket is usually $30.00.  John and I would have a date night!iphone 013The day of the play “I talked the play up” to John all day.  I showed him videos & pictures and told him some of the action he could expect – the prairie fire, a train, fireworks, and a thunderstorm.  He was excited.  I was a little nervous because it was cloudy all day and we had a good chance of rain – the play is outside & they perform in the rain.

I had ponchos & rain jackets in hand when we left the house that evening.  As we were getting in the truck John wanted to know why I was bringing that stuff– he already “prayed all day to Jesus to not let it rain on our play”!

It was a 20-25 minute drive to the Canyon.

John fell asleep.iphone 016

With great seats in the middle, not overly crowded and the temperature around 75 – it was going to be a fun night!iphone 017iphone 018The play was great.  The dancers are amazing, the actors are spot on, and the costumes were bright & fantastic.  Intermission was 9:45 so the Canyon was dark and the stars were bright!iphone 020

During the first part John was a little restless but the way the first act ends you want to see the rest.  The second act is full of drama – John was on the edge of his seat!

We had a great time and John said he wants to see it again.  As we were leaving the main actor (Calvin Armstrong) spotted John in the crowd and told him he loved his HAT!  I wish I would have thought of taking a picture of him & John.

Now I can’t wait to take Christina!

John fell asleep on our way home.

iphone 024

If you come to visit me in the summer (Jan & Vaughn) I will take you to see this!  You will love it.

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