Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finger Painting 101

I was shocked when I first realized John was not a crayon and color book little person. 

How can this be? 

I thought all little kidlets loved to open a fresh box of crayons and a brand new coloring book?!?  I have tried different crayons (you might be surprised at all the different shapes, sizes & colors that are available now) and I bought countless coloring books, printed activity sheets out the wazoo, and always colored with him.

But nope.  No interest.

He likes to paint – if it’s a small project and he can do it the way he wants to do it.  Water colors are okay but still not his thing.  Markers are fun but they make me nervous.

Trying to broaden his horizons I bought some finger paint.  I love this stuff too!  He was excited at first.iphone 001iphone 013iphone 015iphone 018After the first picture he was done.  What did peak his interest was mixing the colors and creating a new color.  We have done this concept many times – he likes discovering the different colors.iphone 017iphone 019iphone 020You know we didn’t have a fun project like finger painting without including our little sister!!  And she has great interest in crayons & coloring books.  Although most the time she thinks the crayons look tasty!iphone 002I know what you are thinking and YES - I had plenty of wet clothes, wipes, and paper towels close by!iphone 004You really don’t want to know what happened between the above picture and this picture.  Let me just say….she hated finger painting and having the colors on her fingers!  No way!  No how!  And a huge mess.iphone 005What could entertain her?!?iphone 011Oh yes!  I think I might have a coloring buddy after all!iphone 010iphone 012iphone 006Maybe she needs this??pink_crayon_apron

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Linda said...

It's a boy/girl thing. In my many years of teaching small children I'd say I had exactly 3.2 boys that liked to color. On the other hand, I probably had 3.2 girls that didn't like coloring. Boys like blocks, Legos, shapes, puzzles, playdough (only if they can smash and mix the colors though) and of course computers.