Monday, July 9, 2012

Almost 100 Days!

I can’t believe I have NOT blogged in 96 days?!?
I think about it often but life has become so busy.  I have the same amount of time as everyone else but my days just zoom past and another day goes by without a blog post!
So…what has gone on in 100 days?
  1. Randy turned 50!
  2. My Daddy turned 80!
  3. Mother’s & Father’s Day.
  4. I was asked to be on the board for PCHEA
  5. Homeschool – everyday.
  6. My sister & her husband came to visit.  Winking smile
  7. The 4th of July – Parade, fireworks & fun
  8. Ran 176 miles on the treadmill
  9. Road my Airdyne Bike 214 miles
  10. Art Camp with John
  11. Swimming, Swimming, & Swimming
  12. Major lifestyle change.  Down -17.8 pounds!
  13. Randy’s Dad has been & still is in the hospital
  14. Wonderland –twice
  15. PPHM day
  16. Discovery Center fun
  17. Park hopping on Thursday with Seekers
  18. Road trip with my Mom & little Hares
  19. My bestie from North Dakota came to visit
  20. and lots of truck riding!
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