Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Seed

Had another moment last night I don’t ever want to forget. 

It seems like my baby Hares are giving me more and more everyday and I don’t know that I have enough space on my hard drive in my brain to remember them all. 

Christina has some sort of whole milk allergy.   I have tried Silk, goat’s milk, Soy, watered-down milk, but nothing gives and she truly loves milk! This is not a true allergy…it just breaks her bottom out really bad sometimes.  She can eat cheese, ice cream, yogurt or any other dairy product just fine.  She can tolerate 2% milk twice a day but if she sees John or me or Randy drinking milk – it’s on!  Our doctor believes the problem will be solved once she is potty trained…it has to do with the protein in the milk and her “delicate area”.


Last night I pulled back her diaper and it was bad.  I just started crying.  The diaper rash was so bad she was bleeding.  (for the record when it gets like this she doesn’t get milk for several days)  It doesn’t happen like this often but it’s a combination of milk & food to cause such an awful awful diaper rash.

So…as am cleaning it up and weeping Inspector John has to hop up on the table to find out what is going on!  And he says “Oh my goodness greatness…look at that bad diaper rash Mommy!”  And I said I know….I was going to make it better. 

And then…

My 4 year old son.

Put his little head in his hands and closed his eyes.

And said….

“Dear Jesus…please help my baby sister.  Her bottom hurts so much and she really loves milks.  Be healed!  Please heal her butt sweet Jesus.  Please help my sister.  Amen”

Oh yea.

I was really crying then.


Tanya said...

That boy of your's is PRECIOUS! Bless her little bottom! I use to try yeast infection cream when mine got bad rashes like that. Strait out of the tube, little at a time in case it stings some, but it would do the trick! Hoping you find you both some relief!

Linda said...

Laughing and crying at the same time. Joining John in his prayer that Christina will be healed.