Monday, March 26, 2012


Am late…Am late….For a very important date!1863978007

This is my usual exclamation as I am bolting out the door with a baby under the arm, purse in the other arm, sippy cup in hand, snacks with John, diaper bag attached to John, and 5 minutes late of our destination.

Just to get to the truck and realize I don’t have my keys.  Then I notice I don’t have my cellphone because a little boy removed it from my purse earlier to play Angry Birds.  Now I am a Angry Hare!!!

With the baby on my hip I run back into the house to find the correct set of keys to my truck and call my cellphone with house phone to find it buried in the toy chest.

Finally!  We are on the rode!  I look in the mirror to smear some lipstick on what appears to make-up done by Christina and what is this?!?!  I only have one earring on?  And where is my wedding ring?

Oh….I forgot John’s drink on the counter.

Why is there screaming in the backseat?

“You both are going to love each other someday!?!?!”

(Mental note: call brothers tell them I love them!)

We arrive at our party 15 minutes late.  No one is surprise…oh it’s “Tina and her kid’s.”. 


There was a time I was punctual and on time every where I went.  What happen??  Karma?!?!

I have this really sweet sister-in-law that is late to everything…although thinking about it she seems to to early now.  To clear the’s NOT Linda, Julie, or Gloria.  hee..hee.. 

Anyway…we use to give her major…or at least I use to give her major grief about being late all the time.  Just joking with her but even at my wedding I told her to be there an hour before anyone else…and she was! 

Now…I call her almost every time I am running late and beg for forgiveness and tell her how truly sorry I am. for saying anything negative about her tardiness.

I hate it.

I hate being late…even just a few minutes.  Even being “on time” seems late to me.  I want to be at my destination 5 to 10 minutes before I need to be there.  It seems impossible to do this any more! 

I was so good at this at one time in my life.  Ugh.  I can’t stand being late.  Sometimes I will just cancel or not go if we are late or not going to make it.  I think it’s rude & disrespectful of people’s time. 

I really tried this week.

And failed. 

John and I did make it to co-op on time running with 5 minutes to spare but then we both had to go to the bathroom – we were late to announcements.  So we failed again.

This really does make me CrAzY!!!

So…here’s to this week. 

I have lots of places to go and be.

We will try, try, try again!

iphone 009

Did I mention I love my little Hares?

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Linda said...

At least you have an excuse of children. What's my excuse? I've noticed I am almost always running late now too? What's up with that?