Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Sunshine

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Meet my 15-month girl! 

What a sunshine girl she is! 

She is…loving, determined, sweet, demanding, smart, aggressive, very silly, and my very own shadow. She likes to sing, dance, clap, play patty-cake, and make a monkey face.  She also Praises the Lord just like her brother did at this age.

Every morning I can’t wait until she wakes up – she does my heart such good.

She is not walking anymore…she is now running.  She loves to play with balls, dolls, trains and walking around the house with a blanket over her head is her most favorite thing.  She always wants John to play with her and when he does she squeals with delight and does a sweet happy dance with her feet.

She loves all food – including spinach, squash, macaroni salad, any type of egg, and of course sweets are her weakness – did I mention she is my shadow?!?  BTW - Sweetened Vanilla Almond Milk is what we finally found that works….PTL!

One last thing…my folks.  Sunshine is their only granddaughter.  She is my Mom’s best friend and my Daddy’s true love.  I wish you could see her around them.  It’s magic.

I am in love with a girl

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Mookie 59 said...

She is a real beauty and a precious child..And your love for all the baby Hares shows in your words.. You and Randy are very blessed..Love all of your family,Kevin