Friday, December 23, 2011


Laura’s Visit

I had many friends several years ago - my dance card was very full.  I was constantly going to events, or dinners, the movies, helping out with my friends children, shopping…it was easy for me to have a lunch date in a moments notice. 

That took a drastic change in 2006. 

I learned really quick who my true friends were and who really didn’t care about me, my family, and especially my marriage.  It was a  painful lesson to learn that I was really just being used

I made the decision after Family Coaching in the Fall of 2006 and through my Coach’s advice I would only surround myself with people that totally supported me & Randy…not just me.  That list of friends got even shorter.

One friend that never left me was Laura Fiskin.  When everyone was gone she was there to help me pick up the pieces and put it back together.  The sad part though…in 2006 she moved exactly 1,070.24 miles away to Fargo.  But…we have unlimited long distance and she still has family here!

At least once a year…maybe twice year if we are blessed she gets to come home for a few weeks.  Randy knows when she is in town I spend as much time as I can with her and her family.

John is crazy about Laura’s boys Cayden & Braxton and they tolerate John so well.  John wants to go over their house all the time but I try to explain they live in North Dakota!!  I get the map out and John doesn’t understand…to him it looks like a short drive!

This summer Laura and the boys were here over 2 weeks.  We had lots of summer fun with snow cones, the museums, painting, Gatti Land, and hanging out together.  When they are here time goes by so quickly.

I can’t believe that I don’t have a picture of Laura with Christina and we didn’t do our usual group picture.  I did get this cute pictures of the boys at the museum.  (And yes…Preacher John had to wear his suit with flip flops.)IMG_8132IMG_8162IMG_8148

This picture was taken in 2010…I think._DSC3666_thumb[2]

I have only a few good friends…like YOU and I know YOU have my back.  I don’t make many new friends – I am very protective of who I let in. 

Laura is someone I can always count on.  She loves me and supports me when I am wrong, mad, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, confused, and joyous.  Laura supports Randy and our relationship as a couple.  But best of all she loves my children as her own.  She builds my children up everyday and I know she prays for them everyday.

For that I am thankful for my Fargo Texas friend!

I Fargo you this much!

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Laura Fiskin said...

I have so much to say but for now I will just say "I love you!!!!!!!!"