Friday, December 23, 2011

Top Ten of 2011

One of my favorites things at the end of a year is all the countdown lists and reviews of the year.  I am always amazed at what I forgot happened or who pasted on.

I have been thinking about my own Top Ten list of events that marked 2011 for me.  Things that have changed, moments I don’t want to forget, and events I wish would’ve never happened.

So….here’s my #10!


The passing of my Kiki dog.

I wanted a dog of my own for sometime.  As soon as Randy and I got married I started hounding for a puppy.  I knew that I wanted a buff female Cocker Spaniel and her name would be Kiki - after Julie Roberts in the movie America’s Sweetheart. 

My constant begging and pleading with Randy finally wore him down on January 18, 2003.  Randy was watching the movie Blackhawk Down and I was scanning the pets ads again.  There it was – For Sale, one buff female cocker spaniel , 11 weeks old.  I knew THAT was my dog!  I told Randy and he finally said I could call for more information. 

The owner said Kiki was the first one picked from the all the puppies but the original buyer never came back.  I told the owner I was very interested and I already had a name picked out for her.  When I told him her name would be Kiki the phone went silent!  He then asked me “why Kiki?”  I told him….then he told me that Kiki’s dad’s name was Kiki!  I squealed with great delight!  Then when he told me lived on Blackhawk Lane I just about cried!  I begged him not to sell her – I was on my way! 

It was love at first sight!  She came right too me and I fell in love with a dog!  She was my first baby…and went everywhere with me…even work!scan0022She was my best friend and companion….and protector.  She only had eyes for me and no one else – unfortunately.IMG_0461IMG_0463Kiki was never a normal dog.  I should have asked more questions when I bought her and I don’t know why I didn’t notice she was puppy mill dog.  But that’s life…and I have learned a very hard lesson.

I know you know the rest of the story.  If not, I did a blog for her.  Click this link for original post.

I miss her and think of her often.  John constantly asks about her and wants to go visit her on the farm. 

It’s funny how these little fur ball creatures get into your heart and become apart of you.

Time doesn’t heal everything but God does.

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