Monday, December 26, 2011



Okay….so it wasn’t really a vacation for Randy but it was for me and my bunnies.  In August Randy had some business in Dallas for several days so we got to tag along!

We stayed a the Gaylord Hotel, went to the Dallas Aquarium, the Galleria, and the Container Store (my most favorite spot!), AND…we ate some really good food!

Remembering the trip I have some awesome memories.  At the time I didn’t think it was so much fun…the hassle of packing, traveling with a baby can be challenging, and the 100+ heat of summer with humidity was overwhelming at times but…John still talks about the Gaylord.  John also asks frequently if we can go back and he really wants to take his Papa & Mama there!  So…it was worth it!

When Randy worked me & the bunnies went to the pool, walked around the enormous hotel, or played in the room.happy aqua kidshappy girl ay lawryIMG_8320aIMG_8326IMG_8387I am really glad we went.  Once again…if my bunnies are happy than I am happy.

Randy’s next big trip will be in February to Orlando,Florida - it’s right after my 40th birthday!  I would love to go and take the kids to Disney World.  I would really love it if my extended family…sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, and brothers could go plus Mama & Papa but I know that is out of the question.  I will probably let Randy do that trip on his own!

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