Sunday, December 25, 2011


My walk with the Lord.

I get up earlier than everyone else in the house so I can have a few moments to read my daily Bible, my devotions, and meditate.  My day does not go smoothly if I don’t start with a few moments with the Lord.

The Lord is working on some amazing things in my life.  I am learning more and I am a hungry for more. 

This year I focused on teaching John about the Lord, Heaven, the Disciples, and scriptures.  John has a very tender spirit and wants to pray for people all the time.  We were in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and there was a lady with a cast on her leg using a walker.  John would not stop staring at her and finally said “God Bless Her!”  Then he let go of my hand and ran over to her.  He started asking all sorts of questions about her leg; how did it happen, did it hurt, how long will she have to wear the cast.?  By the time I got him I made my apologies  - thankfully the lady was very kind.  As I was dragging John away he looked directly at the lady and said we will pray for you!  And we have prayed for this lady…someone we don’t know.  But that’s how John’s spirit works.  He is very concerned for other people and there well beings.

Growing closer and learning more is my main objective for next year.  Teaching John and Christina is most important.

Merry Christmas!

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