Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Adventures with John!

John did a few new and fun things in 2011. 

Red heartJohn became a great big brother!IMG_7427IMG_7409

Open-mouthed smileJohn learned the swim this year!  He had to overcome some fear at first but he finally took to it like a duck to water!  We bought him a pool for the backyard – unfortunately the summer heat was so extreme this year we didn’t have many opportunities to enjoy our pool.swimming

In loveJohn attended a painting camp.  We joined our friends the Crums and had three fun days of story time, painting, and a snack.art[4]11[3]6[5]

Gift with a bowJohn’s 4th birthday party.  Randy and I decided soon after John’s first birthday party that we would not have “big” parties every year.  This year was John’s first BIG party outside our home.  Several of his homeschool friends came and lots of family was there to wish him well.  It was a FUN day for sure!IMG_8463IMG_8440

Soccer ballJohn joined a soccer team.  This was an experience to say the least!  John loved chasing the other kids on the field and playing with them - he was not into the “game” so much.  I learned quickly that many parents take pee-wee soccer way to seriously!!john9b-1024x682groupjohn8-1024x682

Be right backOther fun things!

John rode a real horse for the 1st time.john

He got a cool new truck.hot child in the city

He played in the rain.IMG_8632

He got to see the inside of a real working Santa Fe caboose!train

He learned how to shoot a BB gun.IMG_7736

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