Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The World According to Christina

Every month Christina learned something new.  I thought John’s first year flew by…Christina’s first year caught a jet!  I can’t believe I am already planning her first birthday party!

The first year of a baby’s life is so amazing.


*Held her head up at 2 weeks

*Smiled at 3 months

*Discovered her hands at 4 months

*Ate Mama’s mashed potatoes at 4 months

*Grasped a toy at 5 months

*Got her first tooth at 5 months

*Discovered her feet at 5 months

*Rolled over at 5 months

*Sat-up alone at 7 months

*Waved & said “bye-bye” at 8 months

*Crawled at 10 months

*Pulled up ten minutes after learning to crawl

*Clapped & played “Patty Cake” at 11 months

Any day now she will be walking! 

She loves to eat anything…just like her Momma.  She has ten teeth and eats mainly solid food now.  She loves whole milk but I can’t start it full time for a few weeks.  She loves apple juice and all vegetables.  And she loves it when I brush her teeth!

She says Momma, Bub-Bub (which is short for Bubby her brother), Poppa (my Daddy), Bye-Bye, No-No, Uh-Oh, and she growls like a little bear.

Her favorite toys from Christmas is John’s kitchen, the purse Mama gave her, and her dolly.

What a joy she is!prettyinpink

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