Thursday, December 29, 2011


Home School

We started our first official year of home school this year.  I love it…of course it’s Pre-K fun stuff – which I have mastered...not sure if I can teach beyond this level! 

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John loves it and does not complain.  In fact at Thanksgiving we went around the table to say what we were thankful for and John said he was thankful that I was his teacher and he gets to stay home for school.

I am very concerned and focused on where John should be academically.  A fellow home school Mom and a mentor suggested I buy  “What Your Child Needs to Know When – According to the Bible & According to the State”.  It starts with Kindergarten…so I evaluated John and he’s 95% on target for Kindergarten!

Here are a few things John has learned:

*The Alphabet – not only saying but recognizing it.

*Counting to 100

*Spelling and recognizing his name.

*Address, phone number, and city plus state

*Who his Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins are

*All colors

*All shapes

*Days of the week, months, year, & seasons

*Imagination!  He can tell you the greatest stories with the most interesting characters.

*Love to read

*Understands the difference in addition & subtraction

*Can add +1 and +2

*Understands the concept of Night and Day

*Can point out several states on a map

*Knows both pledgesIMG_8516

I could go on and on!  He is so smart and easy to teach plus he wants to learn!  Anything with math and numbers he truly loves.  He doesn’t like coloring…he is not “big” into the art subject.  He likes to play with modeling clay and sometimes paint but he would rather work on math or read a book.

We also study the Bible everyday and he has started memorizing verses.  He will gladly tell you about Adam & Eve,  Noah and his huge “stinky” boat, or how Jesus is with us everyday. 

I pray everyday that I can always do this.  Nothing is better than teaching a child and watching them learn!IMG_7946aIMG_7947

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