Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life will be Okay!

Jolene’s funeral was amazing to say the least.  She had five preachers, a string quartet, a beautiful soloist, dozens & dozens of beautiful colorful flowers, and church packed to the max full of people just for her. 

On the way to the church I kept telling myself I had cried enough!  Today was a day of celebrating.  Don’t cry!  My heart was heavy as we walked through the church doors.   We were twenty minutes early and the church was almost completely full.  As the usher was guiding us to a pew Randy noticed a familiar face and asked the usher if we could sit across the church with some friends.  The usher said no problem…I had no clue who it was but when I saw Deanna’s smiling face my heavy heart was lifted.  Deanna and her husband Jeff are close friends with me & Randy…they are apart of our prayer team and would pray with Jolene & Rodney & us all the time.  I was so surprised to see Deanna and Jeff. I was so glad they were there!!38761_1482955724933_1565058226_1171425_3142461_nAs the funeral started the family was ushered in with the string quartet playing Amazing Grace.  Of course…I lost it – especially when I seen her boys and her folks.  Pastor Love opened us in prayer and then a memorial video played.  It was great…of course I love those things!  The first video showed Jolene growing up, then the next was her & Rodney & their boys, and the last one was a bunch of pictures of her with family & a few friends.  The song playing on the last video is the song playing right now…it’s called One More Day by Diamond Rio.  I was doing pretty good through these videos…there was lots of smiles & laughs.  And then this picture came up.photoAfter the video there was a beautiful song, her eulogy, and then there was an open mic.  People were encouraged to speak about their favorite memory, or what Jolene meant to them.  I loved this.  She touched so many people.  I wanted to say something but I knew that I couldn’t hold together…Randy had the same problem.  There was another song, a message, and then we were able to greet the family.  Two hours later we left the church and over 100 people went to the cemetery for our final good-bye.

Tonight I was having a silent little cry by myself…or at least I thought I was by myself and John caught me.  I was on the floor so he came over and put his arm around my neck and said “Momma life will be okay”. 

And I am okay. 

I know where she is.


Linda said...

I'm sorry for your loss sister. I would have been in the same boat, the crying boat, with you. I couldn't have spoken either as I am also not able to hold it together. I always wonder how people do. I've never been able to. I am not a pretty cryer either. You are right, life will be okay and we know where Jolene is. You will see her again some day.

dfrost said...

Thank you Tina. Jolene was a beautiful person inside and out. I was touched by the number of people who came to say their goodye. Her boys were awesome. All the music and words were touching. I kept being struck by all the love that she shared in that room with everyone. I was listening to the words of the songs and in one song the words were "come away with me". I saw a path with white rose petals and I thought about what you said about Rodney being the love of her life. The path reminded me of a wedding with the rose petals. It was as if she were walking down that path to her savior because she was also the love of His life. It was as if the Lord was saying "I will take over where Rodney left off." It struck me so much that I thought when I die I want them to lay rose petals in the aisle and around my coffin because I will be a bride going to be with my savior. A beautiful time not a sad one at all. Love you guys.

Mookie 59 said...

Very moving blog,Tina. I wish I had known Jolene as you did...May God bless you with your memories of Jolene to ease your heart pangs...Love,Kevin