Saturday, November 26, 2011


Since the day John was born we have questioned if we should let him sleep in the big bed with us.  You will get many answers and opinions from everyone about this topic. 

When John was a baby he slept in a co-sleeper and then I couldn’t decide if he should stay in the co-sleeper or sleep with us in the big bed or go to his own room…I even did a blog about it.  Randy and I made the decision of John sleeping in his own room when he was very young.IMG_0066IMG_0567This was working - I would have naps in the afternoon with John but he would sleep in his bed at nighttime until he was 9 months old.  At 9 months old he was starting to pull-up as most babies do at that age…unfortunately there was the incident and John broke his collarbone.  For several weeks we had to watch his every move and not let him re-break what was already healing.  We made the decision to put him in bed with us.  I loved it. 

Then John started having asthma issues and would have to have breathing treatments in the middle of the night, then he had chicken pox, and one thing after another he just ended up in our bed.  Surprisingly enough Randy loved it as much as I did. It worked for our family…or at least I thought it did.  (these photos are from 2010 you can only imagine how much bigger John is now!)IMG_6869IMG_6874This is not working…..

I am not getting sleep…John’s not getting sleep.

What are we doing?!?!

Now we have added a new player to our cast….and there is no room in our bed for her.  No way was I going to make John sleep in his room and let Little Bere (latest nickname) sleep where John was sleeping…plus she only likes to cuddle for a little bit then she wants her space – just like her Daddy.

Sunday morning Randy looked me in the eye and said today is the today.  “Nobody is getting  good sleep and you keep complaining that you have to sleep with a child – you have the power to change that!”  To be honest I was scared because I thought John would be up and down several times a night and it would be a huge fight….and I just don’t have a fight in me at the moment. But…I decided Randy was right and he said he would help me!

All day Sunday we rearranged John’s room to make room for Little Bere. (Christina growls all the time and she sounds like a bear so we call her Little Bere).  John was excited and very happy he had a roommate!  The first night he got up once and asked me to lay in bed with him.  The second night he woke up to tell me he had to go potty.  And that’s it!  The night before last I woke up and Randy was already awake….our big bed looked so big and empty!  I grabbed my pillows and jumped in bed with John.  When John woke up he pushed me really hard and said “hey what are you doing in my bed…go to your own bed!”  I asked John if Little Bere wakes him up at night and he said she does but he tells her to “hush and go to sleep”.  So far so great!! 

No problems whatsoever….8-10 hours straight sleep!IMG_0128IMG_0129IMG_0130IMG_0134


Mookie 59 said...

Oh,the trials and terrors of Parenthood....

Laura Fiskin said...

That last picture of John says it all-he looks so proud of himself and so happy. I think you did the right thing for all of you. Not that it sounds like John is coming back anytime soon anyway :)

Linda said...
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