Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots of “First”….

There are lots of “first” going on around the Hare household these days….

On Halloween night at Mama & PaPa house Christina  finally transitioned from her stomach to an upright seated position. I squealed with delight – she was proud too!   Today– she has it mastered- I think she does it for the fun of it now!

I had my carpet professional cleaned yesterday since Christina is already “scooting” everywhere.  When she is on the ground all of body parts are in the correct position and it’s “go time”.  Any minute the crawling will begin.  I help her do baby push-ups everyday to strengthen her upper torso.  Randy and I have tried to postpone this stage but we can’t hold her back any longer.  (sob)

As you have probably noticed in pictures Christina is not a picky eater.  She has a …healthy appetite and will eat almost all baby food except for peas.  There are some days she will not eat baby food at all…she only wants a bottle but the bottle days are coming to an end soon she will be 10 months tomorrow!!


This week I have tested Christina’s palate with real food instead of baby food.  She has tried…sweet tea, a baked potato with all the good stuff, a sweet potato with all the Becky B good stuff in it, saltine crackers, peas, Nilla wafer, dill pickles, soup, corn on the cob and off the cob, Chick-Fil-A chicken, cherry ice cream, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, green beans, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and chocolate. 

And like her Mother…she loved it all including the peas.

Not to be outdone with Christina….John had a first last night!  He took his first shower! 

They grow up so fast!!

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Laura Fiskin said...

Good Luck now...seems like Braxton went in for his first shower and I haven't seen him since. That boy will take three a day and they are all an hour or more a piece. Hope your hot water holds up. And you tell that baby girl not to crawl until I can watch...I miss everything :(