Sunday, October 2, 2011


The day started with a funeral. 

I did not know the deceased lady…she was the Mother of one of Randy’s co-workers but it was still sad and I cried as if I knew the woman my entire life. 

Then the soccer game.

Remember our awful defeat last Sunday?  At practice on Wednesday almost every parent decided they should help me & Coach Zack instead of critiquing us.  Well…it helped!  Our team looked much better!  We actually made our first official goal.  We were so excited!!!  We will get the hang of this….and the season will be over…only 4 more games!

Last but not least a Wedding.

We went to the sweetest wedding last night.  Nothing fancy or formal - it was in a backyard under little lights. It was so cozy, comfortable, & beautiful - it reflected the bride – perfect!    The bride glowed…I have never seen her so happy.  This was John’s first wedding and he did pretty good all dressed up in his suit with his cowboy boots & hat on…he even took his hat off as the bride walked down the aisle!  Kitten did good…although she decided to talk during the wedding. 

It was an eventful day. 

Full of emotions

When I went to bed last night I was tired…..

More fun today…grocery store, bills to pay, birthday party, another soccer game, church…

And Monday is tomorrow….

Starts all over……….

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