Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Do It All Over Again…

Here it is Sunday night and the new week is about to start.  There is something to do everyday this week….home school, soccer practice, grocery store, trip to Lubbock, music class, soccer game, Seekers…although I am very thankful this week does not include a birthday or a doctor’s appointment.  No joke…every week for the past two months we have had a birthday party or a doctor’s appointment or both several times during the week.

Home school/preschool is going great.  We are in our 4th week and having a fun time working into our little routine.  We spend about 2 hours every afternoon doing preschool/kindergarten activities.   The other day John was having trouble making a “B”.  I was getting frustrated…he was getting frustrated…finally I walked away.  I got to thinking maybe I should put him in school next year (like many people want me too)…John then came to me with big tears in his eyes and said he would try harder…”that he didn’t want to go to the big school…he liked our school”.  Then I realized that my baby was still a baby.  He was barely 4.  Our society wants our children to grow up FAST .  Time goes by so fast.  Why was I pushing him?  Why am I pushing him?  Then he looked at me and said “Mommy can I play with Play-Doh?” and I squeezed him really tight and said of course you can and you should!  There will be plenty of time to work of the letter “B”.  My home school mentor told me that I should not even think of hand writing at this age.  She told me if John is 7 and still not writing a “B” then we have a problem but not at 4! 

This picture is from the first week of preschool.  We got to play with modeling clay….which is totally Play-Doh.  John’s idea to make a Mommy, John & Christina.IMG_8518IMG_8518

Moving on…..Soccer….

I wish I could be so happy and upbeat about soccer.  I will start by saying  - John is having fun and that’s all that matters…right?  He is definitely not David Beckham and I am scared John inherited my sporting gene which is zero but John is having fun and that’s all that matters…right?   

John and Cousin Remington…Coach Zach’s son314415_10100175918320446_37524409_44962545_2145267625_nI am in shock and in absolute horror at how some of these parents treat their children on the soccer field.  Several Fathers are yelling and screaming at their little boys while making complete fools of themselves.   As soon as their little boys come off the fields the Dads are in their faces telling them what they did wrong, where they screwed up, what they need to do next…blah…blah…blah.  Today a Father upset his son so much that the son came off the field crying sobbing into his Mother’s arms and refused to play anymore.  Coach Zack (my nephew) was able to talk this little guy back in the game – it was great and everyone cheered.  (I love that Zack!)

Seriously?!?!  They are 4!  Let them have some fun.  Maybe I don’t take this stuff serious enough.  I will think pray long before I agree to coach again…but John is having fun and that’s all that matters…right?IMG_8567IMG_8568IMG_8570   


Mookie 59 said...

Tina-Keep on Teaching and tell John to Keep on having fun and soccering it to us....

Linda said...

You are so right to take a step back on forcing the letters. He will get it, don't worry. I promise as soon as everything settles down we will come to a game and I'll go to seekers with you.