Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Funny Moments…

The past few weeks in pre-school John has been learning about mixing colors to  get a new color.  One week he mixed red & yellow to get orange and the next week he mixed blue & yellow to get green.  On Monday I was going to teach him about purple.  I didn’t say anything about purple, I didn’t tell him what he was going to do, I didn’t even tell him he was going to paint!!  As I was about to get the paint out of the cabinet John said…”Mom – did you know if you mixed red & blue together you will get purple?”  I asked him why he said that and he said he was just thinking about the color purple.  Go figure…. 

Soccer is almost over – only 3 more games.  Our team is getting better…John blocked several goals on Sunday but he still lacks motivation in the game.  Some of the other parents would like John to be more “into the game”.  For instance…in the middle of the game the other day John found this wood chip in the middle of the field and immediately brought it to me.scan0020He happily said “look Mom it looks like Indiana!”  I beamed proudly!  I didn’t care if he could kick a soccer ball or make a goal…my 4 year-old son thinks this wood chip looks like Indiana and it sort of does!  How many 4-year olds even know about the state of Indiana??  I am not sure if we will do Kids Inc. soccer again.  Our home school group has some leagues that John can join when he gets a little older…we will probably wait and do that.

Christina is growing like a weed and talking…and talking….and arguing with me.  I want to document this…on Saturday October 1, 2011 John & Christina were in bed watching television.  Christina would not leave John alone!  She was pulling his hair, putting her finger in his eyes, trying to put her toes up his noses, crawling all over him!!  (It was soooo cute!) It was the first time I heard John say…”Mom – MAKE her STOP touching me and BOTHERING me!”  You can tell John was frustrated…he didn’t want his picture taken!  He just wanted to watch television!IMG_8573a

Two more things….

I love how Christina will munch on maple flavored crunches for breakfast…then smell like maple-syrup all day!  I kiss her a million times more!

Christina has three teeth – 2 on bottom and one huge front tooth!.  This one front tooth is so funny!  She looks like a little redneck with this one tooth but the other one beside it is a coming!  This time next week it will be down!IMG_8578IMG_8578IMG_8597IMG_8600IMG_8598IMG_8601IMG_8606Oh yeah….she is starting to becoming a little ham.

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