Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of Pre-School

Today was John’s first official day of pre-school.  We have been planning and working on home school studies over a year but today was our first official home school Calvert day.  Calvert is the curriculum we are using.IMG_8517Our routine starts with prayer and a daily devotion.  Then we read a story from our Bible that Aunt Gloria gave us.  We say our pledges to the American flag and Texas flag, then we discuss the weather & current season.  After that we sing our Days of the Week song (thanks Leelee)...and change our daily calendar. 

Today John practiced writing the letter “F”. Breezed through his math studies, and had no problem with the concept of “in & out”.  We ended the the lesson by reading and discussing Peter Rabbit….who knew he was so ornery?!?!

After that we went outside for a great game of soccer.  I broke out a pretty good heat…I was thankful the boy next door showed up and wanted to play.

I am also thankful John loves to learn and wants to learn.  I love to watch John learn.  To see the “light”go off in his head and know that he “gets it” is the best part!  I always wanted to be a teacher…I am now living that dream.IMG_8516

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Linda said...

You are making me jealous. Do you need a substitute sometime? Way to go! You will love it! There is nothing more satisfying in the whole world than watching children learn.