Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cowboy Up

My great nephew Remington had his 2nd birthday at Cal Farley’s Boy’s Ranch today.  What fun it was for the kids to go to a ranch and have great food, cake, games, & prizes but the kids got to ride horses too!  Big horses…..not tiny miniature ponies, or a little Shetland Pony on a lead rope…big horses…with real Cowboys. 

It was exciting!  Believe it or not I was not nervous at all.  It was very calm and there were a lot of cowpokes and adults to corral the horses. 

John Randall was the best looking cowboy there with his boots, hat, and guns a blazin’….and my gal was the prettiest flower this side of the Mississippi!christinabar

John was a timid about saddlin’up but Lexie was there to save the day!  I don’t know what I would do without that girl.  John loves her so much & goes along with her.lexie

I was in the stands when a Cowboy told me to bring Christina down for a picture.  (I thought it was Randy’s idea…Randy thought it was my idea)gang part2the gangCan you tell  Aunt Christi and I were not too sure about baby girl being on the horse?gangNow Christina is not too sure…..

Finally John decided to Cowboy Up!johndaddy & Johnjohn & chris


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Linda said...

Love, love, love it! So sorry I was out of town, but couldn't have gone anyway since I have bronchitis and am severely allergic to horses. Thanks for the photos so I can at least feel like I was there too.