Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fierce Little One

icecreambabyLook at this sweet baby girl!  I think she is just about the prettiest baby God ever made!  Don’t you think? With those big fat cheeks & look at her thighs & little round belly!!!  Don’t you want you kiss those fat cheeks and hug the stuffing right out of her?!?!?

Well…..don’t you????


Don’t  do it….

She will get really mad, testy, vocal, frustrated, perturbed, aggravated, hostile, volatile, and angry within seconds.IMG_8254

There’s your warning

At least 85% of the time Christina will have a huge meltdown involving all of the above descriptions and then some….if someone other than myself  is holding her.  (The percentage rate will tend to increase if I am out of her sight range.) None of this applies to Mama or Papa aka Party Central she would be completely satisfy to live happily over there for the rest of her life.  They are my only rest and rescue at this moment.  

Sometimes Christina will let you hold her..and then other times she will not even let her look at her.  She will only tolerate her Daddy for short moments until she wants her Momma - as she refers to me.  Momma was her first!


Me and my little Bunny have been through a lot the past year and it really bonded us.  When she got RSV the first week of her life outside the womb I just never put her down….I was so scared she was going to stop breathing. 

I am almost embarrassed when we go to the grocery store and people comment on her and she immediately cries or looks at them like they are stupid.  Then I try to make Christina smile at the strangers and she looks at me like I am the village idiot…..Momma you don’t even know them….why are we smiling at them…hello????  It’s a vicious cycle…..

What can I say?

I do love her so.

Who would have ever guessed that the loves of my life would be a wookie-wabbit, a sweet little boy, and a fierce little girl?!?!?

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