Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Bubby!

IMG_00700003bwSCAN0155acarsWe celebrated John’s birthday today at Jump and Jive.  (Jump and Jive is an awesome indoor bounce house amusement entertainment park!)  This was the first “official” birthday John has had where he invited friends from school…it was a great time!!  Not only did some of his school friends come to the party but his Mama & Papa Light was there along with Leelee & Uncle Kevin, Aunt Chrissy & Uncle Kelly, Aunt Kelsea & Uncle Zack & Uncle Colton, and his cousins Remington, Bennett, Lexie, and Jakey even showed up.  We had pizza, cake, and plenty of cold drinks.IMG_8411                               Uncle Colton & Cousin BennettIMG_8413                              The theme was “Monster Trucks”IMG_8448IMG_8452IMG_8417        Cousin Remington IMG_8418             John having fun on a sliding bounce house.IMG_8421                                      Our friend Aiden.IMG_8424                Trevor trying to escape the camera.IMG_8426  You can tell who John is happiest with…his Lexie.IMG_8436      Aunt Chrissy just took Christina down a  slide.IMG_8439Almost all the kids -a few were too shy                               

IMG_8440IMG_8445                             Christina and her Leelee

IMG_8457                  And then the true craziness……IMG_8471IMG_8474IMG_8464

It was truly a great birthday party.  By 4pm John wanted to know if he could put his pajamas on….poor little feller was tuckered out! 

Tomorrow will be his actual birthday and he has already requested Red Robin for lunch.  He also wants Mama & Papa to go with us.  So it looks like we are going to have another big day of partying tomorrow. 

I already have his gifts set out.  When he gets up in the morning this will be the first thing he will see.IMG_8478

We have played the Beatles Birthday song for him all day.  Having children are just so much fun!!!

(In the above loot are several board games, two new trains, a box of jelly beans, three new books, a watch, some drums, and clothes but don’t tell him!)

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