Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Leaving Me in Stitches

The other day as I was sewing Christina some new sheets for her pack & play I called Mom for some advice on operating her sewing machine….she was able to come over and help me immediately. Praise the Lord.  Have I told you lately how thankful I am that my folks live exact one mile from my house?  Only one stop light between my house and their house.  John and I have walked over there several times.  I know that it has been a huge adjustment for them to move here but I am so very thankful they are here now.

Anyway…little did my parents know they were walking into a total disaster area when they came over that morning.  I had about six projects going in this one room.

#1. laundry (5 loads to be exact)

#2. trying to set up the school room

#3. packing for an upcoming trip

#4. all of the stuff from Randy’s SUV

#5.  there was stuff that has to go to the storage unit

#6. and the new sheet project

It was awful and I was very embarrassed but I wanted to get these new sheets done & I needed her help.  As Mom was showing me how to complete this stitch Christina was giving Papa a fit to be in the same room with me and Mom but she also wanted her Papa there.

So Papa just got in the floor with Christina and put her in John’s rocking chair…which is the reading chair  - that was my chair when I was a little bity girl.IMG_8278After Papa got in the floor John wanted Mama in the floor so she sat in John’s car seat from Randy’s SUV.  And since Christina was in the reading chair John thought Mama needed to read a story.  IMG_8280John loved it.  Christina loved it.  And I really loved it.IMG_8291Then Papa started playing the “spanker” like a ukulele.  It was the funniest thing ever!  Christina and John laughed…we all laughed.  I got video of it on my camera I just need to figure out how to download.  IMG_8284Christina had to have her turn playing the ukulele.  Look at the smile on my Daddy’s face.IMG_8285Look at the smile on Christina’s face.

During all the chaos, busyness, routine, schedules, organizing, and preparing in life…these are the moments that count.  These are the minutes I cherish and hold on too.  Nothing else mattered….the sheets could wait, the laundry could stay piled up a little longer, the organizing for school could be put on hold….I had to sit back and soak this moment up.  No amount of money could buy this memory of laughter.

Thanks Mom and Dad for loving my babies - they both love you so dearly.  Thanks for coming over and helping me with a stitch…and leaving me in stitches.

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Linda said...

You are so right to cherish those moments. They will fly by so quickly and the laundry can wait. Love it!