Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Gaylord

I am sure I have mentioned this before…but one of the perks with Randy’s job is I get to travel with him most of the time.  Last week he had a business meeting in Dallas so me & the children got to tag along.  For the most part I was excited to break routine but I was really dreading the extreme heat and packing & unpacking.

We stayed at The Gaylord in Grapevine, Texas.  It’s a beautiful hotel.  John has asked me everyday since we’ve been back if we can go back tomorrow.

Here’s our room…after a few daysIMG_8296IMG_8297IMG_8304IMG_8307IMG_8315IMG_8309IMG_8305IMG_8298IMG_8300IMG_8301

Here’s the convention center of the hotel….IMG_8316             GREAT CARPET!IMG_8335IMG_8333More great carpet…looks like a train trackIMG_8334Can you guess who loved it?IMG_8324IMG_8320IMG_8326IMG_8323IMG_8325

Inside the hotelIMG_8360IMG_8359




I have 50 million pictures of John’s most favorite part – the train!  The Gaylord has this huge model train village set-up in the entryway and John thought it was the berries.  He would get so excited every time we would come or go!!IMG_8391IMG_8375IMG_8378IMG_8377IMG_8385

It was HOT…at one point it was 112 plus humidity.  Just horrible awful heat…all the trees, flowers, and grass just DEAD…DROUGHT - everywhere.  But something that I didn’t understand…something that confused me was this:IMG_8396IMG_8397

DUELING fireplaces as you enter the hotel. 

Not fake. 





We had a good time although it was extremely hot.  Randy has another meeting in Dallas later in September…I told him to have a nice trip…the kids and I will be here when he gets back!  I think I am done with traveling until my baby gets a little bit older.

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Linda said...

I love the Gaylord. It so reminds me of the Opryland Hotel. I've never stayed there, but have been there many times for BeautiControl trips. Looks like you all made yourself at home, crib included.