Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nationwide Show

Here’s some pictures of the Nationwide Show.

IMG_8336IMG_8343IMG_8344IMG_8347IMG_8346IMG_8349IMG_8351IMG_8355It was interesting to walk around and see all the new products and inventions that are headed to market. IMG_8356IMG_8354IMG_8353IMG_8352 Believe it or not this event is very “family-friendly”.  We really enjoy visiting with customers and their families.  All the companies and dealers have candy, games, stuffed animals or some sort of prize.  It’s almost like a fair.  IMG_8317John loved the furniture for children.  He immediately ran to the Nunn booth and told Mr. Hunt they needed to buy some of that stuff!!!IMG_8342IMG_8337At the Whirlpool booth they had a crazy game of Plinko…and the main prize was a flying chicken.  Well…I won.  The way John and Randy reacted you would’ve thought I won the lottery…they were so excited I won the flying chicken!  As we were leaving the booth they snapped a picture of me & John and it is the funniest thing ever!!  John can’t get over it!  He keeps looking at wondering what in the world happened to us?!?!?!  I love it!!scan0007After a couple hours, some popcorn, ice cream, soda, and testing out kid furniture it was time to go back to the room for a nap...although I had already lost two players!!IMG_8357IMG_8358There’s no place like home.

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