Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last Saturday we went to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum (PPHM) in Canyon, Texas with our Texas North Dakota friends.  If you get a chance you should visit.  PPHM has great exhibits, fun activities for the kids, and Quanah Parker’s headdress-usually my favorite part but this time my favorite part was John and the way he dressed.

Let me back the story up.  In April 2010 we were planning on attending my nieces wedding in Austin.  I bought John the cutest 3-piece suit for the wedding.  We ended up not going to the wedding so I put the suit in a bag in the back of John’s closet and forgot about it.  Last week I decided to make some room in his closet and found the suit but just left it in the closet to be dealt with later.  I did not bring the suit to John’s attention- he found it on his own.  He keeps a close tab on his clothes – what’s clean, what’s dirty, and he picks out what he’s going to wear at least 90% of the time.   When he found the suit he had plenty of questions…”where did it come from?, why was it  in his closet?, why didn’t he know about it?….and I WANNA WEAR IT!”

On Saturday when I told John we were going to the PPHM with our friends he immediately ran to his room and insisted on wearing his new suit.  I tried to tell him no…it was too hot, it would be uncomfortable, he would be the only 3 year old in a suit for no reason but he insisted on wearing the suit.  If I have learned anything in 4 years…I have learned to pick my battles and I wasn’t going to win this one…so I said he could wear the suit….on one condition - he had to wear his flip flops.  (It’s a long story – the top of his feet are injured so flip flops are the best choice for now.)  John was so excited…okay…I was too.  He looked so cute…it made me cry.

IMG_8129The boysIMG_8132John was our tour guide….in his suit…and flip flopsIMG_8134Whatever Cayden & Braxton did John thought he could do too.IMG_8138

I love these young men….and that’s what they are – men.  They are so polite, sweet, funny, kind, and very loving & entertaining to John & Bunny.  Cayden teamed up with John and Christina & Braxton were a team.  Braxton is 11 and Cayden is 14IMG_8140IMG_8162IMG_8170Christina was excited to be included.IMG_8141PPHM has great and HUGE dinosaur puzzles to work on.IMG_8145And lots of stuff to look into, touch, and play with.IMG_8186IMG_8156IMG_8150IMG_8191IMG_8174IMG_8159(Here’s John in the little red car in April 2008)IMG_0547

In the “Oil & Gas Industry” part of  PPHM there was a short video about the oil boom in Borger.  I am not sure why but John was captivated by the video.  It was 4-5 minutes long and he watched it several times.  He even pulled up a chair to watch it!  I guess the oilfield is in his blood considering my Daddy and both of my brothers have worked in it all their life.IMG_8164IMG_8166

For more information about PPHM check their site out:

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