Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hot Summer Days

On one of the hottest days last week Mama suggested we come over to her house for ice cream.  She bought John his favorite fudge-icicles and she bought sister some rainbow pop-icicles.  This was a first for Christina.IMG_8080What is that thing???IMG_8087Here goes the first bite??IMG_8090Not too sure what to think?!?!IMG_8086

Mama decides to make her more comfortable and I am worried about staining her new outfit from LeeLee.  Let’s get serious about this pop-icicle!IMG_8095Oh yea….that feels great on my swollen gums!IMG_8099IMG_8100Happy times.IMG_8112Then Ms. Priss decides she needs to hold it!IMG_8119IMG_8120My Mom had a great ides!  It was perfect for Christina’s sore gums!  John keeps asking to go over for some more fun times.  “Mama’s house is  just a fun place Mommy!”

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