Friday, July 8, 2011


When you were a teenager do you remember coming home late and your Mom or Dad was on the couch waiting for you??  Then they start quizzing you about where you’ve been, who you were with?


Last night I had a mandatory “Mom’s” meeting for Seekers – our Thursday home school group.  We have this meeting once a year to set class schedules, meet new Mothers, and reconnect with each other.  This meeting is so much fun…it was from 7-10pm.  Everybody brought a snack, it was extremely laid back,  lots of  laughing, talking, & catching up and it end with an extreme game of Bunco.   BTW – I won.                              

I Love…LOve…LOVe…LOVE it!

We have almost 40 families this year!  There are 18 children in John’s class….it’s hard to believe he will be in Pre-K this year.  We have lots of fun & entertaining things going on….all wrapped around learning.

When I got home around 10:15 Randy was already in bed (not asleep) and the baby had been asleep for awhile but John was awake and greeted me at the door with a huge hug…it was so sweet.  However; the questions started  before I could set my stuff down!!  John started drilling me like my folks use too!  Where had I been? Who was I with? Did I know the sun was already down!!! And I needed to put my pajamas on RIGHT now.  It was so funny!!  I kissed Randy goodnight….and thanked him for taking care of BOTH children at the SAME time.  I put my pajamas on to join John on the couch….apparently our discussion was not over.  As soon as I walked in the den John said “Mommy I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for you to come home!”  For a second I felt like I was 16 again…it was a great moment.

The night ended with Randy appreciating me more for the job I do everyday and being missed by John warmed my heart.

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Deonne said...

Oh, how sweet. I forgot about your meeting and could have helped Randy out. I glad he managed on his own. I knew he could do it.