Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Moment

This morning John was putting together his wooden puzzle of the United States in front of the door to the backyard.  I could tell this was one of those learning moments that I needed to take advantage of.  I immediately dropped my laundry and plopped on the floor beside him.

As we were going through each state learning the capitals, what the state produces, and who we know lives in that particular state something outside caught my eye. 

It was small turtle. 

We have seen plenty of turtles at pet stores and zoos but John had never seen one up close and personal in the wild.  As the turtle walked closer to the door he spotted a dead cockroach and ate it.  It was disgusting…very disgusting but John was totally fascinated.  As soon as he finished his snack he came closer to the door so we could have a gander at him and he wandered off.

I should have got my camera but it was one of those moments I didn’t want to miss.

I know…it’s silly but it was a great moment. 

Thanks God for the Sonshine!

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