Saturday, June 11, 2011

Painting, a Birthday, Haircuts & a Friend

This has been a cRaZy week!  I was planning on sleeping late this morning but I had a nightmare.  I couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I should update my blog while everyone is sleeping.

Between birthdays, haircuts, art camp, music class, shopping, a death, and the unbearable heat...things have been somewhat normal.  :)

First - a really good friend from my school days pasted away this week.  His name was James Olivas and he was 40 years old.  James was the type of person that always had a smile, laughing all the time and made you feel happy just being around him.  For the past several years he was my "secret" weapon when it came to fantasy football...he would pick me an awesome team.  He was a great Dad and friend who will be truly missed.  This picture of James and Vanessa  aka Rocki was from their reunion a couple of years ago.  Rocki was my best friend in high school...we are still very close...she is living "our" dream life in Big D. 247417_10150269803090917_704170916_9027107_7755782_n

This week the boys needed a haircut from Evelyn.  Randy captured these two pictures - I thought they were worth sharing!510John is in love with the song "Big Bad John"...I think he is trying to act out the song in this photo.  

Our friend Jill invited us to join her and her kids for a 3-day Art Camp at Brush with Art.  It was blast!!  Each day Ms. Lily would read the kids a story and then the kids painted something related to the story.  The first day it was a mug, then a cow, and a piggy bank on the last day.  After the painting was over we would have a little snack.  On the first day after camp I asked John what his favorite part was and he said..."going to the bathroom!"art 11 Bless his little heart...I will NEVER tell him but he inherited his "art skills" from his Daddy....and me.  We have ZERO talent in the painting world....but practice makes perfect.  We have already gone back and painted something on our own.  When our friends from North Dakota get here we are going to paint again and each month Brush with Art have a story time/paint project we are going to attend.  John loves it and it's a special "me & John" time.6

My Daddy had a big birthday this week...he turned 79!  His health is not the best but he is hanging in there.  Everyday I have him around is a blessing and a gift!  HE loves his Grandkids and they love him.  Christina already has him wrapped around her finger and she is pretty crazy about him...and Mama Mary.  When they walk in a room she Lights up!1e 211a4              She was laughing and burying her head in his chest!    1b1d 1c                     I love the way they are looking at each other. 13 

Christina is 5 months old today.  She rolled over the first time on June 8th...and of course I missed it.  I was making popcorn and overheard Randy said "wow - I didn't know you could do that baby girl!"   I ran into the den and said "WHAT...what'd she DO??"  Then I saw her laying on her belly.  For the next hour John and I begged, pleaded, and try to bribe her to do it again...but she didn't.  I

She loves her Daddy and always has a big smile for him.  They like hanging out on the couch reading gun magazines.9

Little Miss independent has started holding her bottle.8 And she thinks her Bubby is just the berries.cowboy2

Last but not least...have you ever seen two old men "coo" over a baby girl?!?!  Priceless......7

I am soooo looking forward to the following weeks.  My Gayle will be here this week for three weeks...I can't immediately pick her up since she has to spend sometime with her in-laws but it's very tempting to be at the airport when she gets here.  :) 

This week we have Randy's birthday, my nephew is turning 16 - seriously, Father's Day,  Wonderland, doctor appointments, music class, gymnastics, and lots of park time.  I am sure I will be posting lots of pictures. 

Happy Saturday!


Laura Fiskin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures. I can't believe how much she has changed. John too. Can't wait to see you "O" (if I am Gayle that makes you O right?)

Deonne said...

Great pictures. I miss hanging out with you all too. I need to come and take move photos. Especially with your mom and dad and the kids.