Saturday, May 28, 2011

Motherhood's my Top Ten "Dislikes" about Motherhood.  I love being a Mommy - everything about it....except these 1o things.

#1o.    Sleep.  I have not had a solid 8 to 10 hours straight sleep since Spring of 2007.  Christina  & John usually sleep from 9pm until 8am....but I wake up several times a night to check on them.  It's not their fault...I just wake up.  Even if someone was to keep them for me I would still wake up....and wonder if they are okay. 

#9,  Food.  I am the "food-master" around my house....which makes me responsible for feeding the kids.  Christina is really easy...I have started her on baby food - she loves everything except peas.  John has become picky.  It's chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, any fruit or crackers and broccoli.  I fix broccoli everyday now.  He wants to like cheeseburgers and asks for one all the time but he will not eat it - not sure what the deal is.

#8.  Saying NO & Punishment.  I hate it.  I want to make my children happy and give them everything they want but this will ruin them.   Spanking & "time-outs"  just stink....but I have no choice.  I have to drive the folly out.

#7.  Going Places.  Seems likes it takes forever to get out the door.  I think anyone that has more than 2 children close in age than me.

#6.  BM'S.  I know Kevin....TMI....but I never thought that I would have to be this concerned about another person's bodily function. When was the last one?  What was the texture?  What was the color?  CrAzY!!

#5.  Laundry.  Of all the daily chores in life I really don't mind doing the fact I praise God when doing laundry for giving me a great washer & dryer.  But the laundry is never completely done....there is always a load to do.

#4.  Time.  When I started High started to move at a quicker pace, then in my early 20's it started getting faster, once I got married time was zooming.  When John was born time started evaporating.  In the next three months Christina will be 7 months old and John will be 4...I will be on the backside of 39!

#3.  Criticism.  When people talk about or criticize my makes me nuts.  99% of the time the comments are made in love and they really mean to help me.  Plus...I usually need to hear an "outside" opinion or advice.  But it truly trips a's a strange emotion.  I am trying to handle this emotion better.

#2.  Sickness.  I have learned in the past 4 years that a sick child is the worse thing in life.  When your baby is sick you would give anything for them to be well.  No one ever told me about this roller coaster of emotion.  Many times I have prayed and asked the Lord to give me the sickness instead - let me carry it instead of my babies.

#1.  Spit-up.  Baby spit-up....let me be clearer....formula spit-up.  I don't use the typical burp cloths - I use receiving blankets because both of babies really spit-up.  I can handle the spit-up until...until it gets in my hair.  I have learned when burping the baby or tending to a boy throwing up I  always pull my hair back.   Spit-up or vomit in the hair...just blows!

There you have it.  Nobody told me these ten things before I had babies.  Motherhood is worth it....I am not complaining...just reflecting.


Mookie 59 said...

You were right!!!!TOO MUCH INFO!!!EW!!EW!!EW!!! Unfortunately,this can also portain to family pets...So,truthfully all things are related one way or another..
You now have to do Ten top things about Motherhood...


I think you should update this and add boogers. I agree with laundry-I hate it! I don't mind washing it but I hate folding and putting away. If it makes you feel better (or Braxton still really only eats about 7 ot 8 things and most of them are yellow! We make fun of him all the time about it but mostly out of frustration.

Linda said...

Kevin is right even though our "kids" are the four-legged hairy kind we get to do most of the things on your list for them. I think I would have to add crying or barking in our case. When it goes on and on, it drives me crazy.