Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not My Typical Monday

Yesterday morning was so beautiful I decided we (me, Christina & John) would have our breakfast outside.  I told John we would have a picnic in the front yard - of course he thought that was a splendid idea.  It was warm but not hot and the wind had not picked up so I packed our picnic basket with oatmeal, toast, fruit, a bottle of milk for Christina, and a thermos of milk for John.  John also brought along some new bubbles, his sidewalk chalk, some trucks, and his motorcycle.  We had a really good time...it sure doesn't take much to make John happy...I will have to do this more often. 

  Enjoying some oatmeal & cold milk 
 Our fun bubbles turned hard - we could hold them in our hands. 
 Christina enjoying the sun 
After our picnic Christina and I picked up Laura so she could go to music class with us.  Laura is my bestie from North Dakota...she is here with her family for 3 weeks.  Laura brought her fancy camera and took some amazing pictures - I will share them at a later date.  Once class Was over we picked up John and her boys - Cayden & Braxton who are both several years older than John but John thinks he is just as old & big as they are and went to Gatti Land for pizza and games.  The older boys won over 600 tickets and bought John a really fun "Old West" gun package complete with spurs, a masket, a knife, and two guns!  John thought it was the berries!

Everybody was hot so we left Gatti Land and went to Sonic for half price drinks...I don't know what I was thinking but I bought John a large (32oz) Rootbeer to drink...that will be relevant information later in the story.  As we cruised around Amarillo Christina became fussier and fussier.  I thought she would go to sleep but she refused (too much fun in the car) plus she had an irritating cough.  She would start to fall a sleep and then start coughing her little head off.  The cough started on Sunday but it was a dry cough...she had no fever, her appetite was normal so I figured it was allergies.  I did call Christina's nurse earlier in the day but the nurse agreed with me...she thought it was allergies too.  As the afternoon got later her cough got worse...I decided to go ahead and take her to the doctor - ever since the kids had RSV in January I am very cautious.  Our aappointment was at 4pm...enough time to drop Laura & the boys off and get back to the doctor's office.  Randy always goes to the Pediatrician with us but since it was such late notice he could not leave the office - I was on my own.

As we pulled up to the doctor's office it was already 4:05 which makes me crazy...I honestly hate begin late.  I tell John to get out of the Expedition...he is all the way in the very back.  John is moving like molasses so I start yelling...he finally gets all the way to the front seat...and he has no shoes on!  I almost have the baby out of her seat...so I put her down, run around the other side of the vehicle dig to find the shoes and put them on him with no socks.  Then John starts whining about going to the potty...I tell him we will go when we get inside the building...just stand on the curb and I will be right there.  I sprint to the other side, open the door and lift Christina out of the car seat.  About that time I glance out the front window of my vehicle to see my precious son with his pants down around his knees running to a tree in front of the Pediatrician's office!  I then yell..."NO JOHN...it's public!!"  I reach him and get his pants pulled up and race to the potty where he does his thing. He washed his hands and we get in the doctor's office at 4:17.

We have to sit on the "sick" side since we don't know if Christina is sick or not.  There are probably 9-14 sick children in this tiny room already.  I hear sneezing, coughing, hacking, crying, and noses being tended too.  I start becoming very "monkish"...instead of panicking I start praying asking God to just protect us especially my babies.  After a 30 minute wait (they had to work us in) we got to a room.  By this time I am sweating like crazy and the room is not that cool.  I immediately wipe the kids down with alcohol wipes and give John a strawberry tongue thingy.  Christina is happy as happy can be....and the coughing stopped.  I keep asking myself "why am I here?"  John wants a grape tongue thing so I give him what he wants, then he drops it so I have to get a new one. 

It's really starting to get hot in the room and now Christina is getting irritated...and now John tells me he has to go potty.  I am thinking the doctor is going to be in the room at any minute....the restroom is not near by...I don't know if John will go to the bathroom with one of the girls from the front, do I have them watch Christina and completely miss talking to the doctor...I don't know what to do..and how in the world could John need to go to the bathroom....WE JUST WENT!  I tell him to hold it....so he's actually holding it...and telling me..."I really have to go Mommy".  Time is moving so slow...Christina is crying, John is complaining, and I am sweating.  Then my phone starts ringing, so I put Christina on the table and start rumaging through my purse for my phone.  As I am trying to answer the phone the doctor is coming in, Christina is still crying....and I turn around and...and....and John has his legs spread as far apart as they will go and he lets 32 oz of Rootbeer flood the floor.  AHHH!!!   Calgon take me away......

As I tried to grab some paper towels the paper towel dispenser was broke!!!  Thank God I am good friends with the doctor (actually it's the nurse practionotioner that we love so much...Dr. Kim) cause she is taking care of the baby and laughing hysterically.  The girls from the front bring paper towels and a pull-up for John.  It was crazy, and hot, and mad...but I had to laugh after it was over.

Christina was fine except for some drainage...and her two front teeth!  YES!!!  They finally broke through yesterday!  Dr. Kim gave her a prescrition and we were at home by 6pm.

Christina went to bed at 7pm last night but started coughing really bad around 11pm.  I gave her more medicine but she still coughed and coughed and coughed.  The nurse told me to wait giving her a breathing treatment but I decided at 1am to give her a treatment and she has NOT coughed since!

Not my typical laid back Monday!

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Linda said...

Well at least it started out good. The picnic looked like a blast and I know you had fun with Laura. Sorry I couldn't keep John for you. Maybe next Monday.