Friday, June 24, 2011

He's Right

One of the most common arguments in our household pertains to toys....picking up toys to be exact.  John will drag out several toys and then refuse to put them up at 5pm.  This has caused gigantic fights, time-outs, and spankings - which ends with Johnny Drama screaming & crying and wanting to know the number to CPS. 
{In John's defense I am the main one to blame for this predicament....I have bought him too many toys (which I have now stopped), not enforced the pick-up rule (I am learning to be okay if the toys are not put back in the proper place), and not taught him how to put up a toy before playing with another one (we are working on this one).}

All that brings us to this morning.....
A few weeks ago John left his toys everywhere...again.  I asked him three times to put the toys up and he wouldn't so I sent him to his room (his room doesn't have toys) and boxed up his toys.  Instead of hiding the box of toys I left the box on the dining room table so he could see he was being punished. 
He has asked me several times the past few weeks if he could play with his toys and I have refused.  He had to tell me...without me "coaching" him...why the toys were taken away. 
Finally this morning he asked me again to play with his toys and he told me that he would pick up his toys when I asked him too.  He has been really good about following the rules lately and I decided he could have the toys back....since it's going to be a balm 109 today and we will not be going outside I thought today was as good as any day.

John happily started going through the box, as if it was Christmas, so excited to see his toys.  A few minutes later he asked me to look at something on the box - I was so scared it was a spider or bug...he is ALL into the creepy/crawly thing - which freaks me out!  I was so relived it was only a staple but it was a big metal staple that could hurt him.  Instead of getting the pliers and removing the staple I just poured all the toys on the floor.  He played so cheerful....awww...everything is right in my world for the moment.

Daddy came home from lunch and asked "why there was a pile of toys on the floor?"  Then he told John he had to pick them up.  Without missing a beat John said..."I didn't do this....Mommy did...she is the one to put toys everywhere...I did not make this mess!"  The boy is right.  It was my fault.  I guess I have to pick up toys. 

But wait....I wonder if I don't do it Randy will send me to my room for a time-out???

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De said...

You can only hope he sends you to your room and maybe even make you take a nap if you throw a really big tantrum. lol Love the song!