Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Top Ten

I had a hard time going to sleep last night....I was tired but I was frustrated and anxious which was making it next to impossible to sleep.  As the minutes were ticking by I was becoming more apprehensive because I knew I was losing precious sleep that I would not be able to regain.  Christina was snoozing away in her crib next to me and  I was fretting this would be the night she decides not to sleep 8 straight hours.

As I was laying there...praying and changing positions every 2 minutes I got to thinking about the TOP TEN moments in my life.  What moments define or stick out as most important events in my almost 40 years of life...and why?!?! 

As of today....May 5, 2011 here are my TOP TEN EVENTS

#1.  Accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior. - June 1984

I was 12 and attending Greenfields Acres Baptist Church in Odessa, Texas when I made the decision to accept Christ.  I remember being baptized and my Mom & Dad watching from the pews.  I knew in that moment I would never be the same.

#2.  When Randy asked me to marry him. - May 1999

We had been dating exactly 8 months when Randy surprised me with the proposal.  I was completely shocked.  I had no doubts.  It was the second best decision in my life.

#3.  The day John Randall was born. - August 2007

I always wanted to be a Mother - it was a great desire.  As the doctor was delivering John I did not know what to think.  But....the first moment I heard him cry my heart melted.  Everything in my 35 years of life that seemed important no longer mattered.

#4. The day Christina Berenice was born - January 2011

I still can't watch her birth video without crying a million tears.  I was quite and in deep prayer as the doctor was prepping me for her birth.  The "not knowing" if she was going to be healthy was overwhelming.  But...once again when I heard her small fragile cry my heart melted again.  As I laid there on the operating table still not knowing exactly what was going on it really didn't matter if she was not normal.  I was in love...and that was my little girl crying.

#5. Almost arrested with my Mother - January 1993 #5 is almost going to jail with my Mom over Elvis Presley.  What a great memory but I will never write about it.  If you want the details you will have to call me.

#6.  The Eagles concert with Christin - July 1994

We spontaneously took off to Dallas without any clothes or telling anyone and bought expensive tickets for a moment I will never forget.

#7.  My 30th birthday party - February 2002

November 2001 I started asking all my friends if they were going to come to my surprise birthday party Randy was going to give me...what a brat?!?!  Randy pulled off the perfect surprise party...with lots of help from Leelee.  He got me good!

#8.  Larry & the Bon Jovi concert - January 1989

For Christmas 1988 my brother Larry surprised me with FIVE tickets to see Bon Jovi in was their first concert promoting their album New Jersey.  I invited three girlfriends and we got to skip school and go to Dallas to see this concert!  It was the best!  I was almost 17.

#9.  The West Virginia Pool Party - June 1982

During our annual family vacation to see family in WV my family decided to rent the new community pool for the day for only our family.  It was the best!  All of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmother was there.  There was a massive amount of great food and drink.  Lots of laughter and fun times.

#10. My parents moving to Amarillo - April 2007

For years I begged my parents to move to Amarillo.  It took me being pregnant to convince them to sell everything and move to the Panhandle.  I know that they are not overjoyed about the strange weather, new surroundings, and living here but it makes me really happy.

I wonder how much my list will change in the next 40 years - God willing.  As I look over my life there has been lots of drama but not much sadness which I am grateful for.

After thinking of my list....which didn't take long....I squeezed my Bubby tight, tucked baby girl in closer, and kissed Randy good night...then fell asleep.

Now.....I want to see your TOP TEN.

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