Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's not a's a memory.

In early March....maybe even late February I asked my sister-in-law Linda aka Leelee to take some pictures of my kidlets. 

A few years ago Linda retired after 30+ years as a school teacher and decided to pursue photography as a hobby...well...this hobby is becoming a career.  I think you will agree after these viewing these photos she has the talent & the "eye" for this sort of thing.

I have been very anxious to share these with you but I wanted you to get your Spring card first.  I love these photos!!  Keep in mind her subject was a very active 3 year old boy and a feisty 2 month old girl!

It started great...John was being pretty cute & cooperativebigbrother  Then there was the fish/kissy face...look at both their lips!!fish faceThey both look so serious!deep thought Not sure what BOTH kids were pointing at but I love this photo!! pointing How much longer Leelee??seriousI thought the last one...was the last one!!seriously

Then Leelee brought out a little folding chair John's size.  He thought that was the berries!  Then she had John hold Christina in his arms....he really loved that!!

Here's big brother helping sissy keep her binky in.helperI love these!!gotta helpright there  Hey John....can you look at us & smile???look & smileand thenwhats thatThen John wants to be a "ham" and he starts to forget about the binky & the baby...."it's all about him!"   look at meAnd the binky unexpectedly pops out!!its all about me Oh no!! uh-ohThat's when we decided enough....but she did capture this photo of John....and it's just that a photo not a picture.  I love it!  If you know John you know this is a great photo!thinking

Thanks for the memories Leelee!


Linda said...

Awe you are so welcome and you know I love practicing my craft. Sometimes I get lucky and get a really good shot.

Linnie Sanderson said...

Those are awesome photos of some beautiful children! Thanks so much for sending the card with their pictures We have enjoyed it.

De said...

Very cute pictures, but with such adorable children it would be hard to take a bad picture.